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Web-browser: definition and varieties

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Web-browser: definition and varieties

A browser or a web browser is an application software designed to view web pages and all kinds of information from a computer network. How web browsers work: they send http requests to and receive data from the server, which is processed according to approved standards (protocol). Thanks to this, browsers render any web page. For example, you are currently using a web browser to view this page and read this text.

What browsers are there?

We have already figured out what a web browser is. Now we list their main varieties:

  • Google Chrome. It is the most popular and widely used web browser in the world. More than 50% of all Internet users use Google when they want to find something on the Internet.

  • Yandex. Yandex is a Russian browser that is in demand in Russia and the CIS countries, but significantly inferior to Google in terms of audience coverage.

  • Microsoft Edge. This is the next generation of Microsoft's web browser, which replaced the well-known Internet Explorer along with the Windows 10 OS update.

  • Mozilla Firefox. An alternative version of a software for opening web pages, which has existed since 2005 and has its regular Internet users.

  • Opera. It is one of the oldest browsers to successfully exist to this day. Many people find Opera convenient for both PC and mobile devices.

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