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When you buy a domain, you get exclusive ownership of the name of your website. However, this is not enough for the whole world to see it. In order to make your web resource appear on the Internet and be ranked by search engines, you need a configured server or simply put hosting.

Hosting is the place where all the files of your website are stored. To make it run on time without crashing and freezing the configured server should be stable and reliable. Studio Webmaster cooperates only with trusted partners providing website hosting services at a high level; so we can guarantee stability and reliable protection of your resource for sure.

We will help you find the right tariff plan in accordance with the needs and workload (number of visits per day) of your Internet site. With our help you won’t overpay for technologies unnecessary for your business, hosting power, etc.

Cost of hosting services



Why order from us website hosting?

Online support

Along with buy website hosting you get technical support 24/7. We will consult you and solve any problems as soon as possible.


A configured server is a large computer that works around the clock and is connected to the Internet. But being reinsured also makes sense. We guarantee backup development (backup and archiving of data).

Reasonable prices

We offer a competitive prices of website hosting with the possibility of expanding the functionality and changing the tariff plan any time.

Control Panel

You have access to software tools for integrated administration of the website day or night.

Additional features

With the help of special services and modes we provide optimization of the website code, its fast operation, caching and other functions.