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Efficient and affordable email marketing


E-mail marketing is the most affordable tool to increase sales. This is a way to promote products or services through e-mail. E-mail marketing is a direct channel for your business to communicate with customers with the greatest opportunities for automation and high ROI (return on investment).


  • Provides low cost interaction
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Guarantees high return on investment (ROI)
  • Increases orders by an average of 20%
  • Holds interest in your products and services
  • Trigger mail motivates to shopping

Why do you need e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is the main source of interaction, which, in addition, leads to search engine promotion. With the help of effective e-mail marketing you can:

  • carry out promotions and let your clients know about new products and discounts;
  • keep loyal customers interested and return lost customers;
  • create your image by increasing loyalty;
  • increase the average bill by selling related products;
  • reduce the percentage of failures by forming a need for a product or service;


Turnkey e-mail marketing
Available packages

from 250
Fast start

We create, test and send the first newsletter

  • Design of the mailing layout, icons and product cards;
  • Typesetting of adaptive email newsletter;
  • Testing mailing;
  • Planning and preparation for sending.
from 1400
Automatic newsletter series

We motivate to buy and increase the average bill

  • Comms card with customers;
  • Left and forgotten shop carts;
  • Product search left by client;
  • Branding e-mailing;
  • Collecting feedback through mail.
from 250
Base of addresses expansion

We increase the number of subscribers

  • Maintain the relevance of the database with addresses;
  • Creating a pop-up subscription form;
  • Design and layout of the pop-up form;
  • Integration of the mailing form with the service.
from 200
Segmentation and integration

Segmentation of email addresses

  • Integration of the mailing service and CRM;
  • Setting convenient loading and unloading of data;
  • Settings for synchronizing info;
  • Ensuring complex integration if necessary.
from 800
Effective strategy

We create systemic email list

  • Studying and analyzing business processes;
  • Developing comms card with customers;
  • Updating and collecting databases of email addresses;
  • Compiling content mailing plan;
  • Forecasting key performance indicators (KPI).
from 900
Lead generation

We increase profit (LTV) and reduce the number of failures

  • Studying and analyzing business processes;
  • Compiling a content mailing plan;
  • Creating letters for stimulating leads;
  • Integration of mailing with CRM or CMS;
  • Settings and scheduling mail sending process.

If any of the above items seemed incomprehensible to you, or you want to find out in more detail what the price of an email mailing order (turnkey) consists of, then you can safely contact our specialists for advice on all your questions.