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Professional video shooting in Chisinau and Moldova

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The production of video-commercials is of interest not only to manufacturers of consumer goods, but also to industrial companies. Any market participant needs an advertising move – a verified solution for product promotion.

We provide professional video shooting services in Chisinau and Moldova. Highly professional video shooting offers a wide range of opportunities for your business. Our employees are ready to develop the concept and idea, prepare, directly shoot and edit the video.

What does the service include - professional video shooting?

Our video editor can work both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the project concept, the most suitable equipment, including lighting, will be selected.

Our main goal is to increase our customers sales and increase brand awareness. We are valued for the high quality of work, meeting deadlines and extraordinary thinking.

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Creating custom videos

02 / 08

Video presentation of a new product

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Video report on the event

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Shooting and video report from corporate and presentation events

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Shooting image films

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Shooting thematic videos

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Video shooting of commercials

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Commercial video shooting of goods and services

Professional video shooting from Studio Webmaster: advantages

наши специалисты используют профессиональное оборудование (Sony, Canon), что позволяет предоставлять клиентам качественный видео и фото продукт. 

development of a concept or scenario, professional shooting, editing of video materials and photo processing. 

each business task requires its own video production format. We are aware of the specifics of each niche and different types of videos, effectively taking them into account. 

the entire range of services is provided under the contract at affordable prices. 


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