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What is outstaffing?

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IT-outstaffing - the allocation of IT specialists for a certain period of time to the client's office. Outstaffing services are necessary for companies that do not have IT specialists or are insufficient for solving a number of internal tasks and project management.

The outstaffing service for IT personnel is provided to clients on the terms of the concluded agreement, which specifies all the obligations and rights of the parties. The customer is provided with an already officially employed highly qualified specialist who is ready to immediately start performing his professional duties. All tax insurance costs are covered by the main employer, who also monitors compliance with the law and controls the quality of performed work.

The service of outstaffing personnel in Moldova from Studio Webmaster: benefits

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Attracting highly qualified IT specialists to work

full-time specialists are often not generalists and do not have sufficient experience to solve IT problems.

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Continuous availability of staff and services

highly qualified personnel are allocated on a contractual basis and, unlike outsourcing, are always available to the client.

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Increase in the efficiency of the company in the field of IT

due to the work of specialists on projects, the client has the opportunity to plan and control costs.

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Reduced risks

customers. when contacting an outstaffing company, it does not interrupt the project implementation deadlines and receives a service with a guarantee under the contract.

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Implementation of innovative solutions

experienced Studio Webmaster specialists are able to implement new functionality, programs, and business process automation systems (ERP, CRM)

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Reducing the load on the HR Department

the client gets the opportunity to reorganize his structure (relevant for firms with a territorially divided structure).

Studio Webmaster is:

More than 12 years on the market

More than 1000 projects behind your back

A team consisting of more than 50 highly qualified specialists

we work with clients from Moldova, as well as from countries near and far abroad