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Custom interior design services, 3D interior modeling

The 3D interior design of premises is the development of an image with the most photorealistic visual representation of the interior space of a room.

3D interior modeling is necessary in the development of interior design, as well as the choice of furniture in order to understand and visually represent how the premises are transformed after repair. For the customer, 3D visualization of the interior makes it possible in a short time not only to see how the interior design of the project will look after renovation but also provides a huge number of variations with the opportunity to obtain the most comfortable and organic design of the interior space of the room.

The advantage of creating a 3D interior:

  • development of the basis for the future interior of the room
  • forming an architectural model in volumetric form
  • creation of several options for work in order to achieve the most optimal solution
  • allows seeing the most real lighting when planning the interior
  • optimal organization of space, through the proper arrangement of objects in the room
  • Ability to choose colors and other elements
  • obtaining the actual dimensions and proportions of the project, which gives a clear idea of ​​how objects will be located against each other and whether they will be combined.

What is the cost of 3D interior design

Taking into account the specifics of the work, the cost of creating a 3D visualization is discussed in each project individually, and depends on:

  • scale and style of the room
  • detailed elaboration of all elements and the number of modeled angles
  • number of simulated variants
  • complexity of development
  • the amount of initial data about the object
  • terms of interior design development
  • what type of service do you choose (template option, unique solution of the company, creation according to your samples).




Professional and high-quality interior visualization services

To order

Studio Webmaster offers a full range of interior visualization services. Modeling while creating the 3D design will help you take a virtual tour of the future object, which will give you the opportunity to experience the beauty and harmony of the interior design of the space. Here you can order the creation of the 3D interior design of the interior space of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, and many other objects.


In order to choose the most suitable option for yourself, Studio Webmaster provides interior design services in several options:

  • development of a unique solution, taking into account all the features and scale of the premises;
  • 3D design creation according to the existing template;
  • creation of an interior design model based on the wishes of the customer.

When ordering 3D visualization of the interior of the room, the modeling is carried out in the shortest possible time and at favorable prices.

building 3D room

What information is required from the client:

In cases where you do not have the necessary information for the development of 3D design or it is not enough, we are ready to take on the project based on your preferences and recommendations.

In order to competently and clearly simulate 3D interior design with the greatest visual reality, the following information is required from the customer:

01 / 07

Documentation of the layout of the premises

02 / 07

Projection on the plane of each wall of the room ("flat pattern of walls")

03 / 07

List of finishing materials with an indication of texture and color

04 / 07

Arrangement diagram of the largest items with an indication of materials of manufacture

05 / 07

Recommendations for lighting in cases where there are some features

06 / 07

Information about the desired angles for modeling the room space

07 / 07

Examples of similar works as an understanding of your taste example.

Web design studio Studio Webmaster is a team of young professionals engaged in the creation of custom interior design in Chisinau and Moldova, as well as in other countries. We provide a full range of services for the development of the interior design for apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, and many other premises. Over our many years of experience, we have accumulated a large portfolio, as well as useful and high-quality experience in creating modern interior design projects with which we are ready to share with you.