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Process of site promotion in search systems

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Process of site promotion in search systems

SEO (search engine optimization) — is a set of measures for the comprehensive development and promotion of a website in search engines in order to bring it to the first positions in the search results for certain (relevant) key queries. This is necessary to attract visitors (increase traffic) and for the subsequent monetization of users actions on the site.

The process of promotion in the search engine is quite long, but it gives a long-term result and undeniable advantages over other types of promotion, for example, good organic results, which means the most optimal traffic for your business.

Website promotion in search engines: the main stages

  • SEO audit. To assess the current state of the resource, a thorough internal, external, technical analysis is carried out. As a result, specialists see the current position of the website for the keywords being promoted and find its weak points.

  • Optimization. Errors and shortcomings found as a result of the audit are eliminated, the portal is prepared in technical terms for the implementation of SEO tools. Copywriters write SEO-optimized texts, the optimizer prescribes the correct meta tags, etc.

  • Promotion. Link building, regular content updates. Search engines index web pages of the resource on which changes have been made, estimate their weight and rank better.

  • Support. It is necessary so that the achieved results are not lost. If your Internet portal once got into the TOP, then it is more profitable to maintain a high position. If it loses it, then it will be much more laborious, longer and more expensive to be on top again.

The speed of promotion is influenced by the:

  • Initial state of the website

  • Domain age

  • Competitive search queries

  • Promotion goals

  • Budget

  • Changes in the search engine algorithms, etc.

You can find out more about search engine optimization in our blog.

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