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Factors that influence on time of site promotion

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Factors that influence on time of site promotion

When you have created your website and it has successfully been indexed by search engines, this does not mean that it will immediately go to the top of the search results. This requires SEO (search engine optimization) - an Internet marketing tool that can improve the ranking of an Internet resource, regardless of current positions, as well as bring it to the top of search results.

If specialists do not use black promotion methods (they lead to the imposition of filters and the subsequent loss of web pages of the resource from the search engine index), then the terms for promoting sites will be standard - from 1-2 months to six months or more. Such a difference in the duration of the website promotion time is explained by the fact that for each web resource the promoted key queries are selected individually and their number also differs (from several tens to several thousand).

What affects the speed of promotion?

Website promotion is influenced by a large number of factors that are strictly monitored by search engines and how well they are performed will depend on how long the website promotion will take. Below is a list of key indicators:

  • Domain age

  • The competitiveness of the requests

  • The Internet resource’s readiness for promotion

  • Promotion goals

  • Changes in search engine algorithms (not dependent of the SEO specialist)

What does promotion consist of?

  • Marketing Assessment: Performance Tracking, Usability Analysis, Target Audience Study.

  • Optimization: setting up convenient navigation, correcting technical errors, writing unique and optimized texts.

  • Promotion: building the link mass, constant updating of the content.

  • Maintaining results: adjusting strategy, website content, making regular updates.

To find out the duration of website promotion, you need to conduct a SEO analysis of the portal. Get a free qualified consultation on this issue from Studio Webmaster specialists by calling the phone number indicated on the website. We will make you a profitable commercial offer for audit and promotion in search within 24 hours.

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