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Inner website optimization

Inner optimization is a set of work on the website to ensure that the code and content of the pages meet the requirements of search engines. In other words, optimization makes your platform better ranked in search results to take top positions.

This is a one-time service that gives a quick and lasting effect, and is also a good basis for further SEO promotion.

What does optimization consist of?

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Website audit

This procedure is performed by the optimizer. It allows you to identify weaknesses and strengths of the website, its technical errors and problems with text content. Audit determines if a website is ready for further promotion using SEO tools and factors that can adversely affect search engine promotion.

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Keyword selection and structure formation

Internal optimization begins with collecting the semantic core of the resource and forming its structure according to the requirements of search engines. Stages of collecting semantics:

  • Analysis of business niche and competitors;
  • Selection of basic queries;
  • Collection of relevant keywords through automated services;
  • Grouping of keywords;
  • Compilation of the final structure of the website.
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Content optimization

Ranking in search results, and behavioral factors depend on the quality of textual information on the pages of your site. And they also have a significant impact on search engine promotion. Therefore, the next step is:

  • Compilation of Title and Description for all pages;
  • Optimization of H1-H6 tags;
  • Image optimization;
  • Compilation of technical specifications for writing unique and optimized texts for web resource pages;
  • Appropriate graphic design and placement of new content.
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Transparent reports in plain language

When working on your website our experts provide current reports on the activity performed. You can track how the work process is progressing by requesting reports at any time - this is your legal right.

We do not provide raw graphs and statistics in figures, but we use language that is understandable to you, we tell you how these or those changes will lead your project to success. All financial statements are absolutely transparent; you know where and when each coin from the budget was spent.

Internal optimization from Studio Webmaster specialists
✓ Convenience of the site
✓ No errors
✓ Fast loading

Who is working on the project?

  • Account Manager
    communicates with customers
  • SEO-specialist
    carries out work on internal optimization
  • Technical specialist
    is responsible for the formation and compliance with the technical tasks of the project.
  • Copywriter
    is writing texts and optimizing content
  • Content Manager
    fills the website with text and graphic information
  • Web analytics
    work with analysis systems and generate final reports for the client