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iOS App development

Want to increase profits or be closer to customers? Or maybe you have a brilliant business idea that can only be introduced using application?

You definitely should order mobile app development for iOS from experienced developers without any risk to your budget. Studio Webmaster guarantees you desired outcome. Our applications are user-friendly and easy to use because we take all user actions into account.

Advantages of iOS-applications for business:

  • Profitable identification among competitors
  • Effective advertising
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Core business processes automation
  • Growth in sales and profits
Why do customers trust us?
  • Successful experience in developing dozens of iOS applications for medium and large businesses
  • Detailed business expertise when working with startups
  • Lack of typical solutions. We offer only individual approach
  • Flexibility in development
  • Crystal control system
  • Reasonable cost of application development
  • Work on a result that always exceeds expectations
  • The cost of creating and developing an IOS app is always reasonable and controlled by a clearly planned plan
Why do customers trust us

Stages of creating a mobile app on IOS

Product idea
Product idea

Our qualified experts consult you and help form an application concept that not only satisfies the customer, but also benefits the business.

Analytics and prototyping
Analytics and prototyping

We conduct thorough business expertise, evaluate similar applications, and study the target audience. We think over elements and convenience of the interface, its functionality.


We work out the visual part in detail, correlate the selected color gamut with the application's tasks and characteristics of the target audience. We create a bright, attractive and practical design.

Writing an application
Writing an application

The process is divided into several parts to make it easier for the customer to control the process and promptly ask for edits, if necessary.

Testing and placement
Testing and placement

We comprehensively test the application and let it out into the world only after full testing. Then we place it in stores in accordance with all requirements.


We monitor the stability of the application and its correct display on all types of devices. In case of bugs we fix them in no time.

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Kartolino Art



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What devices will the application work on?

What devices will the application work on?


iPad app development solves not only business problems, but also fulfills multimedia dreams of the Internet audience like reading online books, watching videos, surfing the net, and many more. solves not only business problems, but also fulfills multimedia dreams of the Internet audience like reading online books, watching videos, surfing the net, and many more.

What devices will the application work on?


iPhone mobile app development differs significantly from Android app development. In addition, each subsequent version of iOS has new design requirements. The audience (iPhone owners) is also becoming more demanding. We take all the listed features into account when developing an app.

Use technology. Objective-C vs SWIFT

When developing mobile apps for ios, we give priority to the Swift programming language. The use of the Objective-C language is becoming less popular.​

Developed by Apple in 2014, the programming language began to confidently displace the veteran Objective-C, and there were reasons for this, since Apple with the introduction of the new Swift programming language pursued the goal of increasing the developer's resistance to errors and code readability.


Using the Objective-C language

  • Bugs at compile time

because of the dynamic typing used

  • The limitation in functionality

Objective-C gets the latest updates with difficulty, as Apple gives Swift priority in creating ios mobile apps

  • Not much performance

relative to the Swift language (caused by the same dynamic typing)

  • Difficulty finding a developer

Since most developers are switching to Swift, it will be quite difficult to find a developer who will take up the development or creation of an ios app from scratch, plus the cost of developing an ios app will be much more expensive.


Using the SWIFT language

  • Compactness

When creating an ios app, less code is required, which leads to an increase in the speed of the mobile app.

  • Readability

One of the most important factors is that it will take much less time to implement new modules in the future.

  • More functionality

in comparison with Objective-C, namely the ability to manage the application's memory by allocating and freeing memory.

  • Full interaction with the Objective-C language​

  • High security​

Detailed handling of pointers and the compiler, as well as the ability to embed the nil variable to provide feedback.

Nuances of creating an IOS mobile app

There are much fewer IOS app users than the android community, so there are quite a lot of difficulties in developing IOS mobile apps. Here are just some of the main nuances, but they also deserve close attention.


When designing an ios app, you need to take into account both the screen diagonal and the functional differences of each version of the device.

By implementing all the distinctive features of the operating system in your IOS app, it gives you the advantage that users will be more loyal to the mobile app, and its rating will increase accordingly.

It should also be mentioned that when developing, you should take into account the fact that when a new version of the ios operating system is released, the created application will not always work without lags. Therefore, at the testing stage, it is necessary to identify all inconsistencies and bugs with the latest operating system and fix them in time.


Еще одна важная деталь в разработке ios-это поддержание кода в актуальном состоянии.

The difficulty is that Apple does not provide the entire list of innovations at the moment in the first stages, providing access only to beta versions with limited functionality. Therefore, professional development of a mobile IOS app is always accompanied by testing it on a new OS and then adapting it to new conditions, if necessary. For example, the IOS 13 version is equipped with registration in applications by pressing just one button and without filling in anything superfluous to get into any application. This was implemented using an "Apple ID". In addition, the user can hide their Apple ID by blocking access to mail.

Such seemingly small things need to be taken into account, as ios users are quite loyal to all innovations.


The next block of nuances when developing an ios app is the design.

Design has always been Apple's top priority. Given this, iphone users have long been accustomed to the fact that their gadget has a stylish and colorful interface design and an intuitive control system.

When creating a mobile app for ios, customers are often asked to implement a unique element design that is not always approved by the official developer platform. Here you need to take into account the balance, as mentioned earlier in order for the developed application to get into the AppStore, you need to take into account the guideline platform.

This also includes such a nuance in the development of mobile applications on IOS as the introduction of a dynamically changing system font size. If you do not take this feature into account, the IOS font will remain static, without the possibility of changing it dynamically.

Given all of the above, the development of mobile applications for IOS is quite a time-consuming process that not every it company can undertake.

Benefits of working with us

01 / 06

Project delivery and placement in the AppStore strictly on time

02 / 06

Financial transparency at all stages

03 / 06

Deep analysis of business niche, audience, competitors

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Sophisticated design and user-friendly interface

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Contracting (guarantee of all obligations fulfillment)

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Technical support on completion of development