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What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing is an online marketing tool that can help you conquer any of the galaxies called social media. Want to promote your brand, build a positive reputation or increase sales of your goods? Then you should definitely order SMM services.

This service is not limited to constant posting and annoying offers to join any particular group. SMM promotion in social networks is an effective mechanism for solving a number of business tasks:​

  • Target traffic inflow
  • Sales promotion
  • Increasing brand loyalty and brand recognition
  • Creating a stable channel for communication with the audience
  • Tracking feedback, analysis of statistics on the actions of your target audience
Social marketing: main goals

Popularization in social networks begins with determination. Here are the goals that any business usually pursues when seeking social media promotion services from an agency:​

Increased loyalty
Social networks are a cool communication channel for establishing and maintaining contact with potential customers. Thanks to quality and regular moderation, along with various activities, you can attract attention of users and increase brand loyalty.
Target audience increase
The audience of Facebook, Instagram, VK and other communities is already exceeding the television audience. So if you do not use social networks, then you simply deprive yourself of the substantial amount of customers. With the help of targeted advertising you can significantly increase advertising coverage and make it as accurate as possible.
Increase sales
Thanks to the multifunctionality of Internet marketing a potential customer can quickly be turned into a user who has just made a purchase on your website.

Stages of promotion through social networks


Creating a brief is very important because it allows our team to get acquainted with the features of your business in detail.


Quality analytics is a priority for us. We analyze your potential customers, competitors and find the most suitable media platforms for the implementation of advertising steps.

Definition of strategy and concept
Definition of strategy and concept

We are developing a campaign that is fully consistent with the positioning of your brand, its goals and objectives.


At the final stage we use social marketing leverage and fill online communities with branded content.

Who is involved in social media marketing?

Turning to Studio Webmaster you get a stellar team of professionals:

  • Project manager
    Controls every step of campaign. Also is our studio’s contact person
  • SMM specialist
    Directly participates in brand promotion in Tik tok, Facebook and other social networks. This is an executive person
  • Targetologist
    A specialist who joins the process at the stage of setting up targeted advertising
  • Copywriter
    Helps create tenacious headlines and posts that cannot be reposted
  • Designer
    Is the author of quality illustrated and video content. Can make your brand and product popular among thousands of others

Advantages of working with us:

360 ° approach

We use all the mechanisms that can help promote business in social networks: cooperation with popular bloggers, analytics of TA actions, creation of unique photos and videos, targeting, etc.

First-class branding and more

We guarantee to increase the recognition of your company, the involvement of the audience, and also to achieve real results in targeted actions.

Content of space level

During the campaign we are constantly working on analytics and post performance, using current marketing tools and content formats.

Galaxy of creative ideas

With their help we increase media KPI and ROI. You can order smm promotion in Moldova from Studio Webmaster in just a couple of clicks.

Prices for SMM promotion are formed on an individual basis and largely depend on the volume and frequency of work. We are open to our clients and are always ready to advise You on what needs to be done first and what can be adjusted in the process. And the most important thing is always the transparency of reports on the cost of smm promotion and the work done.