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Turnkey pbn creation

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External website promotion or link building is a process without which it is impossible to achieve results in SEO. The more link weight is built from authoritative and relevant resources, the better for the site. This is no longer a secret to anyone. PBN - is one of the most reliable methods of such extension.
The term PBN stands for Private Blog Network and is translated from English as a “closed network of sites”, “private network of sites” or "pbn of satellite sites".
For a simpler understanding, PBN- is a certain number of web resources from which links to the promoted site are posted. Incoming sites in the pbn are referred to as satellites or donors, and the promoted resource itself is referred to as an - acceptor site.

By using a turnkey pbn, there is a fairly natural and relevant link mass that is built up without "black" SEO.

PBN websites - drop domains (drops)

The satellite site mesh includes drop domains (drops). These are websites that were abandoned by owners or webmasters and stopped developing, but at the same time have a number of extremely important aspects:

  • Own good story;
  • Domains-donors and backlinks (backlinks);
  • Sufficiently high ratings UR (url rating) / DR (domain rating).


Pbn satellite Sites : Pros and Cons



  • Risk - work with the pbn necessary and carefully. Search engines perceive these networks as artificial link building, and accordingly, there is a risk of getting banned;
  • Serious costs - in order to achieve high efficiency when building the pbn, you need to take into account the rather serious spending on hosting, domains, and other aspects of the content and maintenance of these sites.
  • Necessity of time - to build and maintain such a pbn takes time to search for domains, restore and fill sites.


  • Ability to have complete control over the process of search engine optimization SEO, while at any time change, add content and links on each satellite site;
  • Application of various methods of project promotion and implementation of various developments, including our own, on the example of one of the satellite sites;
  • Full control over the link mass - there is no need to negotiate the placement of links with site owners or bloggers.

Why is it worth entrusting the creation of turnkey PBN only to experienced professionals?

As mentioned above in the cons of work, under certain circumstances you can only harm your project. These circumstances, first of all, must be attributed - the lack of knowledge and skills in working with search engine promotion of sites. Creating a PBN network is quite costly, but quite effective if a professional SEO team is engaged in this process.


The satellite pbn contributes to the growth of all evaluative criteria for website promotion (traffic, positions, etc.) and makes it possible to conduct test experiments, but it must be used very attentively and carefully because of the possible risk of being penalized by search engines. That is why such work should be entrusted only to professionals.


What will the pbn satellite give to your project? Why is it needed at all?

High-quality link mass
High-quality link mass

It is almost impossible to keep a site in top positions in the SERP without a high-quality link mass. This is always worth considering.

Increased traffic and lead flow
Increased traffic and lead flow

What's the point of maintaining a website if it has no visitors? A mesh with good trust resources allows for traffic growth.

Safe search engine promotion
Safe search engine promotion

The ability to survive search engine updates without negative consequences for your project and financial losses.

Testing and analysis
Testing and analysis

New services, products, areas of activity, promotion methods can be tested first on satellites, without drawing attention to the main site.

Creating a PBN at Studio Webmaster.
How do specialists work?

Proper building and creation sites of PBN from the Studio Webmaster team.
Purchased ready-made sites with high UR / DR rates.
Rebuilt trust websites with good backlinks.
Mini web resources on well-known free sites.

Pbn Turnkey: stages

01 / 06

Search for domains on various specialized services and using search engines for a specific niche.

02 / 06

Analysis of the found domain - the analysis of the link mass is carried out taking into account the domain rating;

03 / 06

Analysis of the web archive and issue - this is necessary to check for useless information and placement of doorways (useless for the user intermediate resource promoted by means of "black" SEO).

04 / 06

Restoration of sites, its optimization and link building, filling with unique, readable content, if necessary.

05 / 06

Placement on hosting. We also block access to sites from the mesh for the popular analytics services Ahrefs, Majestic, Serpstat, and others to hide your mesh and links from it from your competitors.

06 / 06

We transfer access and offer recommendations for linking, content, and development of grid sites.

Need a turnkey PBN mesh?
The Studio Webmaster team of specialists invites you to use our services and order the creation of a turnkey PBN mesh for your project.
Cooperating with us you will receive:
  • PBN-grid with sites that are fully relevant to your topic;
  • Maximum transfer of weight from all sources to your website;
  • Top positions for the required queries and stable profit.
ОТ 100 €
The cost of a website
Minimum order (number of sattelite sites)
Grid creation time (number of weeks)