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Online store development

A smart online store turns 85% of visitors into buyers. This is a fairly high bar that not everybody can match. But we can, because:

  • We have been developing e-commerce websites for over 10 years;
  • We know what the development of a successful online store involves;
  • we implement all the functionality of modules depending on the web resource, such as: chat bot development, tag clouds, mail distribution module, and many others.
  • We entrust this process only to a team of talented professionals.
Our works

What should the website consist of?

Much depends on the structure of the website and the design of its pages, especially whether the visitor makes a purchase. Therefore, when providing services for creating an online store, we pay great attention to all stages of development, as well as implement the following mandatory web pages in the online store:

  • Main page
  • Catalogs of products (by category or combined)
  • Product pages themselves
  • Shop cart
  • Payments and delivery terms
  • Checkout Page
  • Contacts

The listed pages are only the basis.

If you want your online shop to be easily perceived, user-friendly and at the same time attractive for visitors to make purchases, you should order the design according to the characteristics of your target audience, and also consider the following nuances:
correct header
Correct header

It is the top of the main page. It creates a first impression of your website, so the header meets high requirements: the logo on the left, the shopping cart on the right. And in the middle we add the search line, contact details (address, phone number, mail) and, if necessary, additional information. Below should be a simple and user-friendly menu for easy navigation through the online store.

social networks
Social networks

If your company is present in social networks this brings more confidence and allows potential customers to get to know your company better. You definitely should order placing the widgets or active buttons on your website that lead to your pages or groups in social networks.

Additional tools

The purchase mechanism called “in one click” is very much in demand. It is necessary to create a special button to make this process easier. After clicking it the user can enter his or her name, phone number, and the manager will promptly call him back to register an order. “Callback” is also a popular service that saves time. And it is very popular in any business. You can take care of your future customers and place a callback button in the header of your website and on the relevant pages too.

The benefit of using other additional tools depends on the range of an online store and specifics of your company.

Stages of developing an online store


What do you get by ordering the development of an online store in Studio Webmaster?

Domain Name and Hosting
User-friendly website management
Convenient catalog with appropriate filters
One-click shopping cart
Search Engine Optimization Module
Deep analytics and reporting (by number of visits, orders, average bill, etc.)
Multilingual interface (RU, RO, EN, etc.)
Large selection of built-in modules

We will connect other auxiliary modules (If necessary) to expand the functionality of your online store according to its features and thematic focus. If you are still hesitating, we suggest you to get acquainted with our portfolio. It shows online stores that are in demand today and bring stable profits to their owners daily.