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Online Brand Reputation Management SERM

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If your business is not on the Internet, you will not see a stable profit. It is in search engines that your customers, clients, and partners try to find information about your company, products and services. Very often, users want to see not only your official website or Facebook page, but also reviews about your company and your product on third-party resources. What they see on the first SERP will allow them to form an opinion about your products / services and your company as a whole.

In order to help Internet users form a positive attitude and a positive opinion about you or your company, you need to resort to the service - company reputation management on the internet (SERM).

SERM includes an impressive range of works:

  • Writing articles and reviews;
  • Posting articles and reviews on third-party sites;
  • Promotion of managed sites;
  • other.

SERM - is a method for promoting a brand on the Internet, generating profitable results in search engines. In other words, the main idea of ​​SERM is to oust resources with negative comments and reviews from the TOP, while achieving profitable results with the necessary websites in the TOP. The online brand reputation management market, or rather the serm service, continues to gain popularity.

Often, both clients and specialists from various companies ask practically the same questions. How does serm work and what is it all about? What exactly does a company reputation management service include? How to evaluate the results? Where to order SERM reputation management in Moldova?

Reputation Management - A Service in Studio Webmaster

The main goal and the desired result from the SERM service are to get results in search engines for a group of queries: "brand, about a brand", "reviews about a brand, brand reviews", "brand, and employee reviews" from managed internet sites.

The serm reputation management unit consists of the following points: writing unique articles and working with reviews, posting them on third-party resources, promoting these third-party Internet resources, and so on.

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is the management of a company's / brand's reputation in search engines through SEO promotion and internet marketing tools. These are the tools our team uses to achieve results at work.

Internet marketing is responsible for posting positive comments and reviews, creating high-quality unique content for posting on third-party internet sites, link promotion with reviews on forums and questionnaire sites, question-and-answer web resources, writing thematic articles and creating PR materials.

SEO tools are used by our specialists to promote online sites with content that builds a good reputation and to oust “unwanted” negative sites from the Top 20 search results. Working with brand reputation management involves constant monitoring of results and their analysis, since at any time new online resources can burst into the search results. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor and carry out work in a timely manner in order to achieve a positive image.

Analytics and monitoring

Formation of a list of priority internet resources that should be in the Top 20. Continuous analysis of results in search engine results, if necessary, adjustments to the strategy of brand promotion on the internet.

Working out references

Responses to reviews and, first of all, negative ones, thanks to all users with good reviews, formation of a loyalty policy (discounts, promotions).

Promotion of managed resources

One of the most important techniques, since at the moment when most of the search results will be “crammed” by third-party managed Internet resources, “fresh” negative reviews / comments may appear on them.

Working with negative

We are gradually removing previous negative reviews and comments from managed resources that are already at the top positions in the search results. Undoubtedly, at the time of the start of work, a certain number of managed Internet resources are already in the TOP. All negativity must be removed gradually so that it does not turn out that all negative reviews or part of them simply disappeared at one point.

Writing and posting mentions

The main task of this stage is to transfer all oral thanks from customers and partners to the online format. You can implement a system of discounts separately for those customers who leave a review. For example: "Leave a review and get 5% discount on any product when ordering online."

SERM service in Studio Webmaster - Order serm in Moldova

For over 10 years, at Studio Webmaster, we have been helping domestic businesses achieve sales and profit growth through SEO and online marketing tools. Hundreds of clients in Moldova have already experienced the results of investments in Internet promotion in their business.

Leave a request and our specialists will prepare an individual promotion plan for you. After that, you can order the serm service reputation management.

01 / 03
Evaluation and analysis of the status of search results in the search for brand queries
  • a selection of keywords for the analysis of search results for brand queries;
  • analysis of the search results for the requests "reviews about the brand", "brand reviews";
  • regular processing of results and making necessary adjustments.
02 / 03
Development of a reputation management strategy
  • planning of actions with third-party Internet sites;
  • work with the negative - gradual removal of negative reviews and comments;
  • work with reviews - quick answers and interesting motivating offers.
03 / 03
Regular work and reporting on SERM
  • company registration in blogs, forums, and internet sites with reviews;
  • setting up a company profile in Google My Business;
  • writing a unique text for the site page "About us" / "About the company";
  • development of technical specifications to optimize the main pages of the website;
  • search engine promotion of good thematic articles and pages with reviews about your company;
  • promotion of positive and neutral reviews, removal of negative and comments that violate the rules of posting in blogs and forums;
  • writing unique articles about the brand for information resources (Wikipedia and others);
  • periodic reports, making adjustments to the strategy-serm.