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What is software?

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Software is a mix of individual programs united by a single goal to achieve a common result. Simply put - it is a tool that allows solving any business problems of enterprises, regardless of their focus area. Dedicated software is widely used by companies to improve work efficiency, automate core business processes.

The development of individual programs that take all the needs of the company into account provides a higher efficiency of the production process, relationships optimization within the company, and also between employees and customers. These positive changes will certainly lead you to higher profits.

If you want to expand your business, automate routine daily tasks of your employees (filling in product cards, invoicing, costing, etc.), increase data security or expand your customer base, then you should order unique software right away.

Types of software


These are ready-made software solutions with specific functionality and capabilities. As a rule, they are purchased under license. The main disadvantage of typical software is that it’s average. It may lack some functions for a full-fledged business, or, on the other hand, have extra functionality that will interfere with your work.


More advanced software with a complex interface and an internal programming language application. On their basis corporate information systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), CRP (capacity planning), etc are created.

To order

You get software development from scratch according to the goals and objectives set by your company. This is a profitable investment if you have a large staff often cooperating with each other. You receive all the rights on this software and you can always install it on all workplaces. For comparison, when using standard solutions a license is required for each computer. In addition, software to order can be easily integrated with other enterprise information systems.

What programs are we developing?

Studio Webmaster is a territory where any IT-projects are fulfilled. We know everything about information technologies and are able to speak with technology in a programming language. Turning to us, you get software that is a 100% consistent with the initial requirements, improves and facilitates the main business processes of the company and as a result allows you to earn more. Here is a small list of software topics that we have successfully created and implemented in the production process of our clients' enterprises:

  • Accounting and statistics of sales revenue;
  • Warehouse accounting;
  • Leasing calculator;
  • Shipping cost calculator of cargos, windows;
  • Automation of company accounting;
  • CRM, ERP systems, etc.
soft development

We work on Agile/Scrum


(flexible software development methodology) is a special approach series for organizing the working process in a team of developers and programmers. It allows you to produce creative and high-quality IT products in a relatively short time.


One of the most popular and effective approaches to software development is considered to be Scrum, which is based on the principles of time management and, in essence, provides a development framework. It includes:

  • Creating a backlog of a software product (a board or other place where all the requirements for the software are collected and prioritized);
  • Sprint planning (time periods for certain tasks);
  • Daily team meetings. 15 minutes to report on yesterday’s activities and what is on the list today;
  • Retrospectives. Discussions of the Agile-team after each sprint, where the difficulties encountered and the ways to solve them at the next sprint are announced.

Scrum is more than just a teamwork method. It greatly speeds up all processes, improves overall performance and allows to achieve high results. This professional approach allows our team to stay the leader on the market of IT-technologies in Moldova for many years.

Stages of creating software from Studio Webmaster

All stages from drawing up a technical task to software testing are quite time-consuming and sometimes take quite a long time. But this time does not go in vain, and in the end You get ready-made, developed software that automates business processes and takes Your company to a new level.

Drawing up a technical task
Drawing up a technical task

One of the important initial stages of software development is the preparation of technical specifications in close cooperation with the customer, which takes quite a long time.
In order to prepare the right commercial offer, Studio Webmaster specialists carefully analyze the tasks set and make up the entire set of technical requirements for software development.
After that, you already have a clear idea of the logic of the SOFTWARE and all its functionality. This gives us the opportunity to announce the initial cost of the software and conclude a contract.

Dezvoltarea bazei de date a programului
Dezvoltarea bazei de date a programului

Practically any software creation is accompanied by the development of a database for it.
How well the database is designed will determine how stable and efficient the created SOFTWARE will work. Therefore, when developing a database, the possibility of its scaling (vertical, horizontal) is taken into account, since in the case of incorrect design at the initial stage, it will be quite difficult to adjust the finished product.
It is also worth considering the volume of processed data from the large data arrays and complex logical processes, operations may take a long time, so in the design phase of the programme, experts of Studio Webmaster guided by the principle of database normalization considering denormalizing your time operations as necessary measures for steady implementation of the business processes.

Developing server applications
Developing server applications

In some cases, when creating software, it is necessary to develop a software server that is a direct link between the client and the database.
Despite the use of existing database platforms, some operations (operator actions) are assigned to the software application.

Transferring this task from the client to the application server ("thin client") gives a number of privileges, such as:

  • ability to use WEB access

  • code data integrity

  • centralized configuration and management

  • security (the ability to use the application server as a single complex that can be managed)

  • transaction support

Software visual interface development
Software visual interface development

Before creating the software, it goes through the design stage of the visual interface of the application, which is based on Studio Webmaster specialists laying the principle of an intuitive user-friendly visual interface of the program.
In most cases, when making a decision about developing a software application, the organization already uses a different automated environment (using MS Access and other accounting utilities), which gives the user a certain habituation to work with it. In order to reduce the period of getting used to working with a new program, it is sometimes wiser to use the familiar Visual interface.

Before writing the program code, the following steps have already been completed:​

  • Technical task completed;

  • The database project is ready;

  • The need to create an application server is clearly defined;

  • A visual interface has been developed.


The software testing stage is of great importance for determining:​

  • Compliance with the technical specification and visual interface;

  • working on different operating systems;

  • software resistance to external influences;

  • substitution of software modules, removal of modules, modification;

During this stage, a test map is created, according to which all the necessary software tests are performed. After testing, a list of disadvantages and suggestions for developers is developed.​

How does software development cost estimation work?

The cost of custom software development does not always have a clear figure, and there are well-reasoned reasons for this. Only after the customer has clearly formulated their requirements, and the it company has analyzed the performance of all the work, can we talk about a more accurate price for creating SOFTWARE

The cost of software development is based on the complexity and time spent on its implementation. Each IT company applies its own methodology for professional evaluation of the cost of custom SOFTWARE development, taking into account its accumulated experience in the complexity of creating standard works.
When an order is received, the complete work of creating the program is divided into small stages, after which the complexity of each subtask is evaluated, taking into account the company's standard work.


For example, let's take one of the completed Studio Webmaster projects that took 460 hours of programmer work. We worked together with the programmer:

01. Project manager.
Coordinates all departments to work well, and also manages the timing and scope of the project.

​02The Department of Analytics.
The task of the analyst is to plan and clearly formulate functional requirements in order to simplify and optimize, as well as to set tasks.

A specialist who structures a solution for implementing software features such as scalability, implementability, and security.​

Evaluates SOFTWARE, both from the point of view of experts and users.

If only one person is working on the project, they will still have to go through all the above stages of work on setting tasks, structuring and implementing solutions, as well as testing software. In this scenario, the development time will increase at least twice.

The next step is to assess the complexity of the project using risk assessment methods, namely:

​01. Standard project.
it is allowed to exceed the deadline no more than 35%

terms can exceed up to 300%

Such a huge percentage of a unique project is allowed because the team of specialists is developing such software for the first time and its implementation will have to resort to additional stages.

Why it is worth ordering software development at Studio Webmaster?

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Over 10 years of experience in software development of various levels of complexity

02 / 06

A staff of talented it software developers​ who regularly improve their skills and hone their craft

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Full range of services: development, implementation, technical support

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Testing and debugging work that allow you identify imperfections and eliminate them on time

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Work on the result. We guarantee high quality of the final product basing on the contract for the provision of services

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Free professional advice on all issues