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How does CRM system work?

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM system) is a special platform for automating business relationships with customers that allows you to plan and develop any direction of customer-oriented e-commerce and more. Software integration ensures complete accounting and control of the company's internal processes and also ensures effective interaction of visitors, customers, partners with the website.

CRM system implementation eliminates weak parts of business and increases its efficiency at all levels. The software contains data about each client of the company, their preferences, where they come from to your website and why they leave without making a purchase. With its help you can see how effectively the departments work in real time, and what do the managers do.

After the introduction of CRM your employees won’t have to fill out reports manually, search for customer information, enter the interaction history through Excel tables. They get a working tool to increase their productivity and save time on monotonous repetitive tasks. The development of customer relationship management software takes the specifics of the company's goals, its business place into account.

Our experts have created and adapted software for various business fields, including:

  • Online stores;
  • Consulting firms;
  • Construction companies;
  • Logistics organizations;
  • Financial institutions, etc.
The functionality of the basic configuration of CRM
  • Customers and contractors base
  • Tasks and reminders
  • Transaction management
  • Interaction history
  • Goods and services
  • Access segmentation
  • Analytics
  • Export/import information
  • Automation of workflow
  • Other connected services

Also other functions can be implemented if necessary. For example, 1C, Yandex.Metric, Google Analytics, SMS, email sending, telephony and others.

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What tasks does the CRM system solve?

  • Complete information base management​

    The main value of the crm system is a consolidated information database with a complete history of all customers interacting with the company. At the same time, the CRM system stores data not only about customers, but also about partners, suppliers, and competitors. Given that the customer information base is an asset of great value, its automated management in the crm system provides maximum efficiency and, most importantly, increases the percentage of sales. When the customer base is unified, the company gets a complete picture of its customers, which gives an understanding of the further interaction strategy.

  • Sales planning and control

    Having a huge number of filters and cross-sections, it is quite convenient to plan all sales stages in the CRM system, taking into account all the specifics of Your business. Having the data of their customers allows the Manager to make a plan for further sales, and the Manager can analyze all the data and adjust them based on the CRM system Analytics tools.

    With the help of a full set of crm system modules, managers can fully control the performance of their employees. The CRM system allows you to fully evaluate sales statistics, monitor all stages of the transaction, and analyze competitors.

  • Sales management

    The most important purpose of a CRM system is to help managers plan, organize, and fully control transaction management. The CRM system allows you to store the entire history of interaction with customers and then analyze and build competent and relevant offers based on them, as well as win their trust.

    The CRM program organizes planning of main and related sales, as well as up-sales. CRM allows you to analyze user purchases based on completed orders in order to identify interests for the possibility of purchasing additional products / services.

  • Comprehensive marketing automation

    The extensive functionality of analytical and statistical tools allows you to automate the work of the marketing Department, plan and conduct marketing events in automatic mode, as well as control the budget and coordinate other interactions.

    Employees also get huge benefits from implementing CRM, getting a single database of marketing materials, the ability to segment users and automate mailing lists. The Crm system also allows you to measure the profit and performance of the marketing Department using special tools.

  • Business process management

    Automation and structuring of all work processes is quite a complex task that is easily handled by the crm system. Moreover, transparency and openness of business processes for management helps to identify errors faster and move employees in the right direction. These tasks can be solved with the help of implemented CRM system modules.

    Для организации и автоматизации менеджмент-процессов crm система имеет в своем арсенал мощный редактор, который способен записывать и хранить в своей информационной базе данных часы работы специалистов.

  • Working time management

    The CRM system provides the ability to both record the current working time and control the time load for the future. To do this, the program offers employees a convenient way to access their schedule, where the employee can schedule working hours, mark the completion of tasks, indicate the time spent on their execution, and view the schedule of other employees.

    Thanks to this automation of working hours, you can free employees from routine work, use your time efficiently and record all important things.

  • Optimization of work communication

    Thanks to a structured and fixed task statement, the CRM system helps reduce uncertainty and effectively share information across all departments of the organization.

    This, in turn, saves a lot of time and allows you to synchronize the work of all departments in a consolidated way, and complete all tasks on time.

  • Product case management

    It is vital for commercial organizations to always provide high-quality goods / services at reasonable prices and make timely amendments to existing ones.

    The CRM system allows you to organize and structure the entire list of products and services of the company, as well as provide management and accounting of prices for customers in order to select the most popular products and service packages.

  • CRM system Analytics

    No area can improve its performance indicators without a detailed analysis of all incoming information, as well as a complete analysis of the sales system.

    CRM system reports make it possible to reduce the time spent on mechanical business tasks that take a lot of time. At the same time, the tools offered by the CRM system create analytical forms in accordance with the specifics of the enterprise's tasks.

Stages of cooperation with us

Terms of reference formation
Terms of reference formation

We analyze your current business processes, develop a plan and describe in detail the future functionality.

Design and programming
Design and programming

We pay special attention to the design of the interface and implement modules programming to make your service convenient for usage.

Testing and launch
Testing and launch

We carry out a detailed trial launch of the project, test its integration and create documentation for training employees.

Maintenance and warranty support
Maintenance and warranty support

When the service is done and started working we offer the option of improvements if your business activities have new goals and objectives.

Advantages of CRM systems developed from scratch over ready-made templates:
  • They work on the basic needs of your business without overloading with redundant universal functionality.
  • Integration with systems like 1C, IP telephony, workflow, etc.
  • Unlimited number of connected users. Even if your business is expanded, you can include them in automated processes for free.
  • No subscription fee. You pay for the development of CRM systems once and get all the rights for lifetime.
  • The ability to make refinements and adjustments at any time.
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CRM system implementation

CRM system implementation — is a process of adaptation and automation of actions in order to meet the needs of the client.

The article describes a basic plan for implementing a CRM system.
The number of stages can be much larger and largely depends on the goals, objectives, and niche of the organization.

To achieve Your goals, setting up a crm system must go through several interrelated stages, namely:

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Stabilirea obiectivelor

Automation of business processes should have a strictly defined goal. Understanding the final result of automation gives both the customer and integrators coherence and, most importantly, 100% implements the set result of implementing CRM for business.

To understand the goal you should ask yourself the question what is my goal when implementing a crm system for business»

  • increase in sales
  • process automation
  • access to new sales sources
  • automated management of the sales funnel
  • analysis of the company's existing projects
  • monetization of customers who did not reach the order of products
  • increase repeat sales
  • supervision of staff
  • maintaining and ensuring the integrity of the customer base
  • improving the customer service quality indicator
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The audit of the company's sales

In many ways, the success of implementing a crm system depends on how well the company's audit is performed. Any business area has its own specifics, and the CRM system automates and standardizes rules. Therefore, it is important to audit all information about the company's product sales before creating a crm system.

In other words the audit helps to answer the following questions:

  • What sources do clients come from?
  • How do employees communicate?
  • How do managers interact with the sales funnel?
  • What is the set of processes in sales?

In practice, there are many more such questions, and the final result of implementing a crm system will depend on how well and accurately you answer them.

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Configuring the crm system

The setup stage takes a long time and includes:

  • Creating a CRM system account
  • Development of a sales funnel for all business processes
  • Adding and configuring user access rights
  • Connecting mailboxes and configuring mail synchronization.

These are just the basic settings the same time, Studio Webmaster is engaged in a comprehensive development of the entire sales structure: creating work regulations, developing a sales plan, writing additional scripts, and so on.

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Implementation of services in the crm system

The combined connection of widgets for working with the client greatly simplifies the work in the CRM system and allows you to process customers in a single window.

Therefore, we strongly recommend integrating services (telephony, mail, 1C, messengers, social networks) when implementing a CRM system)

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Training of personnel to work with the crm system

Training of employees depends entirely on the interest of the staff and, first of all, the customer. After all, if the customer is not interested in learning the crm system, then employees are even more so.