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How profitable is the creation of online shop on order?

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How profitable is the creation of online shop on order?

The development of an online store is a rather complicated process that takes a lot of time, due to the fact that this type of resource is the largest with the introduction of a huge number of functions and modules. This is what we will try to reveal in this article, along with the stages of its creation.

An online store — is a type of website whose main purpose is to sell standardized goods and services.

One of the most popular Internet resources, since its main task is commerce, namely the sale of goods. In order to fully understand what an online store means, you need to find out the features of this Internet resource, which are revealed through its functionality.

Functions and modules of the online store

Search functions

  • Search for a product on the site. This is a search function on the site for a product or service, which allows the user not to get lost in the complex structure of an online store and quickly find a suitable product for themselves. As a rule, the search bar is placed on all pages of a web resource and displays information on the exact entry. For example, if a user types "Phone No." into the product search line, then they will find this product if it contains an exact entry (Phone No.).
  • Sorting of goods. This is the function of sorting the goods in the catalog according to all possible parameters: rating, price, alphabetical sorting, etc.
  • Product filtering. Filtering is partly similar to sorting, but performs more a detailed selection, such as: color, size, weight.
  • Product comparison. This is a function of the ability to select several similar products on the site, for their further comparison in terms of cost, quality, size, etc. An important enough function as it allows the user to spend more time on the site and to make the final choice.


Demo functions

For a template version, in most cases, it is enough to display a photo and a description of the product on the page for the user to make a choice, but if you have a specific product or service, then you cannot do without additional functions. For example, when developing an online clothing store, Studio Webmaster additionally offers the function of zooming out the photo of the product, and for an online furniture store, a good example is the 3D visualization of the product.

Another useful feature that almost doubles the average order value is the implementation of the related products feature. Many of our customers forget about such a seemingly insignificant and simple function. But in the end, it not only increases profits, but also has a number of such useful actions as: improving the quality of the service provided, increasing the time the user spends on the site, and also gives the user a large number of choices on the spot.

Another useful function in the online store is the function of similar products. An easy-to-implement module that can be easily automated. For example, a customer looks at refrigerators. You can immediately display similar products with a price step (more expensive or cheaper).

The module of recently viewed products allows you to remind the client what they were looking at recently and it is possible to order the product here and now without re-searching on the site.

Presentation of new products, discounted items and top sales. A self-respecting online store always updates its product and makes sure that the information on the site is up-to-date. New incoming products are usually shown with a "new" marker, while popular products are highlighted as bestsellers.

Information functionality

  • Newsletter. A standard online store module that encourages additional users to purchase a product.

  • Placement of useful information on the site, as well as news. The main task of introducing this module is to attract information traffic to the site, which has a positive effect on the behavioral factors of ranking the online store.

Information functionality

Communication with customers is one of the main components of any online store, as it allows you to answer all the questions here and now, as well as to resolve user misunderstandings on the spot.

In most cases, when creating an online store, the following are used:

  • Skype;
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • the module to order a call from the site;
  • the module to ask a question about the product;

SEO functionality

The presence of a fully-fledged implemented SEO functionality, if filled in correctly, guarantees you the promotion of your online store to the top search engines, which ultimately leads to a larger number of orders. The main SEO functions include: prescribing meta-tags (title, description, keywords), CNC site pages. You also need to make sure that the CMS of the online store does not generate duplicate pages, otherwise it will negatively affect SEO promotion.

Functions and modules of the online store


Where can I order an online store

When searching for the keywords "where can I order an online store", a novice businessman will stumble upon two prevailing options on the Internet, namely, order the development of an online store from a freelancer or in a web studio. Let's look at the reasons of choosing for both options.

Ordering the creation of an online store from a freelancer

Reasons for choosing to:

  • limited budget for creating an online store;
  • you need a template development solution without the introduction of additional modules;
  • fast start;
  • you need to create an online store for a small number of goods/services;

In most cases, freelancers can offer you several options for implementing an online store, namely this is related to the CMS (web resource engine).

CMS – is a content management system that includes adding, editing and deleting all content on a site.

Freelancers often offer 3 possible CMS choices, these are self-signed, boxed and free. This approach is suitable for those customers who sell a standard Internet product that does not require a unique design, additional functions and the introduction of third-party services in a way that none of the above CMS meets these requirements. Free, boxed, and self-signed CMSs are also weak in terms of security and functionality, so be prepared to get frustrated when you turn over your project to a freelancer.

A huge and perhaps the only plus of ordering the development of an online store from a freelancer is the inexpensive price of creating an online store.

Ordering the development of an online store from a web studio

Reasons for choosing to:

  • Documentation at all stages of interaction with the customer;
  • A specific business that cannot fit into the framework of template CMS;
  • The presence of an expert opinion that can confirm or deny customer requirements (in order to improve the final result);
  • Development of a unique design for an online store;
  • A huge number of products with a large selection;
  • Development and integration of a huge number of specific functions not provided in the free CMS systems.
  • Integration of a large number of payment, accounting and other systems.

An important factor when choosing a web studio for developing an online store is its professional specialization in this matter, which gives you a guarantee that the created online store will be ready on time, and will also meet all the stated requirements at the initial stage.

Another huge advantage of developing a web resource is that, as a rule, IT companies have their own developed CMS systems that can be easily integrated with third-party modules, and are also not susceptible to hacking.

Ordering an online store means profitable investment in a profitable business. With its help, you can reach most of the Internet audience and sell 24/7 without breaks and weekends. Correctly configured modules for ordering and paying for goods allow you to minimize labor costs for customer service - all this will be done by the site.

To order the development of an online store, it is enough to place an application with the Studio Webmaster specialists at the phone number indicated on the website. Within 24 hours we will prepare and send you a profitable commercial offer.

The stages of creating an online store

The stages of creating an online store

During development, Studio Webmaster adheres to the following stages of creating an online store:

The primary stage of creating an online store. The stage at which we identify the primary needs and discuss the wishes of the customer, analyze all the details of the niche, and also determine the goals and objectives necessary for the professional creation of a turnkey website.

Estimation of the cost of the online store. Taking into account all the requirements imposed at the initial stage, the development department evaluates the complexity of the project and, based on the report, we calculate the timing and cost of developing an online store.

Prototyping a web resource.The stage at which the entire structure of an online store is developed: page sections, usability and functionality, structure. If the prototyping stage is fully approved by the customer, then the price of creating a website at this stage will be more likely to be accurate and without deviations (if the customer makes adjustments or additions at the stage of website development, the cost of website development may change).

Drawing up the terms of reference. The terms of reference are created in order to give a thorough understanding of how the developed turnkey online store should and will function. At this stage, a description of the type of site, preferred design, technical implementation of the management system, etc. is given.

Ui / ux design of the internet resource. At this stage, the designer designs and develops a visual interface and the elements with which the user will interact. The UI / UX design will be developed only after analyzing the competitors and the niches in order to identify the ways to achieve the final goal for potential customers.

The layout design. Our layout designer is engaged in the design of the layout of the developed online store. Its task is to translate the entire website design into high-quality and error-free html-code, thereby creating unique web pages of the resource.

Programming. The task of the programmer at the programming stage is the development and implementation of modules, as well as the introduction of the html template into the content management system. At this stage, you can see the first outline of your future site.

Testing the developed online store. After developing the site, we test the project in order to identify errors, bugs and shortcomings. After that, the seo-specialist conducts the initial internal optimization of the site.

In order for the portal to immediately start generating income, you need SEO promotion. At Studio Webmaster you can order a package service: an online store, promotion and support. This will allow you to start making a profit as soon as possible, and constantly maintain the result at a high level.