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What is a business card

An ordinary business card is no longer just a contact information carrier; it continues the corporate identity of your company, reflects its position on the market, and favorably distinguishes your brand from competitors. This is an effective image tool that works out of time.

The original business card with a memorable design from Studio Webmaster is an opportunity to make the right impression when you first meet your client or partner. It is the best way to show the flag at the right time.

Corporate business cards

They are not personalized, but necessary when sending mail to customers. You can use them at exhibitions and advertising stands, etc. Corporate business cards contain information about the company and contact details.

Business cards

They are personalized, and indicate the name of the employee, his post, contact details and brief information about your company. Such business cards are a required attribute for business owners, directors, managers and all company employees working with clients.

Why do people need business cards?

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Creating a solid reputation and increasing confidence.

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A business card enhances your status in the eyes of another person when you hand it to him or her.

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A business card is not just a piece of cardboard or plastic, but a carrier of important information like your first and last name, job position, telephone numbers, email address, etc.

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Because business cards are an advertising mechanism your sales should increase.

Why do people need business cards?
Why do people need business cards?

How do we work


We analyze the corporate style of your company, its activities and products. All details of your order for web development of visiting card are specified.


We develop several layouts and sketches for a new creative business card design.


We show our customer all the options for him or her to choose the best one and approve it. All details are discussed, changes are made if necessary.

Preparing to print
Preparing to print

We prepare the final and approved layout for printing.

The cost of creating a business cards design directly depends on the amount of work done in the development process. If for some reason you think that the price of ordering a business cards design does not suit You, you can always consult with our specialists and adjust the further work plan. Studio Webmaster is always transparent to our clients and at any stage of development provides both financial statements and all the work done to create the design of your business card.

In addition to professional creating business cards design, at Studio Webmaster you can also order corporate identification development (trademark, logo, corporate identity), not to mention the design of all kinds of polygraphy such as forms, flyers, posters, calendars, etc.

Benefits of ordering a business card design at Studio Webmaster?

Business cards that sell your services
Design that perfectly blends with other branding elements
Appropriate layout preparation for printing
Project delivery on time