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Building an effective sales funnel in Studio Webmaster

If you want the sales process in your business to work as efficiently as possible, you need to use the auto funnel. Order a sales funnel from the professional team of Studio Webmaster for small, medium, and large businesses, and convert visitors of your site to clients.

Who needs it?

    to avoid competition in pricing policy and focus on a specific group of products.

  • B2B
    companies offering cargo transportation services, legal and financial services and others.

  • B2C
    for real estate agencies, development companies, cleaning companies, firms for the repair of houses and apartments, etc.

    the auto funnel for such a niche is standard way of doing business.

What do auto funnels give you?
Auto funnel - is a system that allows converting leads in sales and helping you:
  • Work out more leads;
  • Increase your conversion rate;
  • Manage and automate the sales process and communication with clients;
  • To position your business as a niche leader;
  • To inspire confidence in your company;
  • Save time and money.

Turnkey Auto Sales Funnel: Stages of work in Studio Webmaster

01 / 06

We process the application for the service and analyze it
After you leave a request to create an auto funnel, we analyze and form a product line. Then prepayment is made.

02 / 06

Configuring the landing page constructor and / or mail service
We add analytics counters, develop technical pages, set up a mailing list.


03 / 06

We create selling content on the site pages and on the mailing list
We develop letter templates, write unique selling texts, build a chain of letters.

04 / 06

We set up analytics, goals for analysis, and test.

05 / 06

Launch and run
After the launch, we analyze the first results, make changes to the auto funnel, if necessary, and provide reports.

06 / 06

Create a demand-based funnel map
After analyzing the demand in search engines and social networks, we work out a content plan. If necessary, we think over and design the structure of the landing pages.

Auto funnel for real estate agency

In real estate, the decision-making cycle is quite long and during this cycle, clients have a lot of doubts and objections, which is why building a car funnel is so important for real estate agencies and developers.

The auto funnel allows us to turn our email base into a base of warm contacts. It also helps to save clients from all kinds of objections and doubts without the direct involvement of agency employees.


Pay attention to the pages of the site with a high bounce rate and the pages on which visitors spend the longest periods of time. After the analysis, we build the structure of the funnel.


In our case, this is advice and consultation. Remember, the more a client trusts you, the more he is ready to leave money with you.
We send a series of letters that emphasize the professionalism and experience of the agency.
We attract additional tools.


Typesetting email templates, setting up push notifications, drawing banners for remarketing.
A properly configured automatic funnel makes it possible to attract new and retain old customers. You calmly focus on sales, reduce lead time, and achieve more personalized communication with your customers.



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