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Contextual website promotion

Contextual advertising is a special type of online advertising that is displayed according to the content of the web page. Ads are shown only to interested users and always remain noticeable due to their advantageous placement: above the search results line/ on the side of it, or on thematic resources. Using this internet marketing tool you get:

  • Increased website traffic;
  • Flow of new customers in a few days;
  • More calls and requests;
  • Cost reduction of targeted circulation up to 50%;
  • High-quality and rapid website promotion.
The benefits
of contextual advertising:
  • Low cost of attracting visitors
  • Sales growth in first week after signing the contract
  • Possibility of targeting for any country, city, district
  • Suitable for any type of business: online stores, services, industries, wholesalers
Ranking an ad in the top positions of Google
Banner ads for an online store
Banner advertising

A banner is an image with elements of graphic and textual information, which can be static or dynamic (animated). Such advertising is usually placed on thematic websites and social networks, where it is easy to track the target audience. Promotion using banners on the Internet is useful for:

  • Attracting potential customers;
  • Creating a company image;
  • Increasing recognition;
  • Promotion of goods/services.

Banner advertising contains a direct link to web site / page on social network. Therefore it effectively generates traffic. This means that users who see this banner and are interested in the information it shows can switch to surfing your platform.


How do we work?


We thoroughly study your business activities and determine goals that are necessary for building an advertising campaign.

Identifying the target audience
Identifying the target audience

We identify target audience and segment it, create advertisements for relevant segments of demand.

Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

We monitor promotion effectiveness and the actions of your target audience, adjust the advertising campaign. We find more effective points for increasing the conversion.


We provide visual reports and give recommendations on how to improve the conduction of contextual advertising.

Why us

01 / 06

We have only experienced crew aboard Studio Webmaster. Each advertising campaign achieves maximum results, because our specialists are the best in the field of IT. This is confirmed by numerous awards.

02 / 06

Proper configuration of contextual advertising. We know and successfully apply Internet marketing mechanisms that bring our customers more profit.

03 / 06

Your project is our priority. Our team already has 51 employees, so each one of them has no more than 2-3 projects at a time. This means that your resource will receive maximum attention with no assembly line, deadlines or delays in reporting.

04 / 06

Quality control. We apply an effective motivation system, so our contextual advertising specialists work for results. Every day we analyze the work done and promptly make adjustments if necessary.

05 / 06

Clear reporting. Our reports are not dry numbers, tables and graphs, but relevant information on your project written in simple language.

06 / 06

It's free. If you do not know where it is better to order setting up and maintaining contextual advertising in Moldova to promote your site, and also have doubts about the cost of contextual promotion, you can always consult with our experts, they will give you recommendations on how to properly build an advertising company taking into account the theme and demand for your business in the network.