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A website in one day, is it possible?

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A website in one day, is it possible?

There are no unsolvable tasks for a professional company, which employs over 50 specialists of all IT-orientations. If you need a website in 24 hours, we will do everything possible and impossible to implement your project. Studio Webmaster has more than 10 years of experience in the field of web development and website promotion on the Internet, so we can cope with any task with a “till yesterday” deadline.

Как создается сайт за 1 день?

Regardless of how tight the deadline is, we adhere to the same rules in the development process. This ensures that the original work is of good quality despite the urgency. Main steps:

  • Determination of goals and objectives. We communicate with the client, find out what type of site they need, with which functionality and visual part. We draw up a detailed term of reference, conclude a contract for the provision of services.

  • Web design. Designers draw the design of the main page and the rest in accordance with the wishes of the client.

  • Layout. The layout designer prepares the HTML templates and makes the layout of web pages. Then the CMS system is connected and filled with content in accordance with the TOR.

  • Testing. The serviceability of the resource and its resistance to loads are checked. Control debugging and preparation for delivery is performed.

  • Запуск. Launch. Placing the website on the network, transferring all passwords to the customer.

We can and are able to fulfill urgent orders, such as a website in one day, because we have a staff of IT specialists of all stripes: developers, programmers, web designers, optimizers, web analysts, copywriters, content managers, project managers and others. ... Contact us in any convenient way and get a free qualified consultation.

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