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Advertising on Youtube is one of the most effective ways to convey your company's offer to your potential clients and encourage them to take useful action by placing your video ads on the largest video hosting site in the world with a visit of 1.5 billion every day. The launch of advertising on Youtube is suitable for companies for branding promotion, as well as for those firms whose client base is quite extensive.

For startups and new companies, promotion through the placement of their advertising on Youtube will help them to present themselves to a wide and diverse audience in a short time, and video advertising will help to demonstrate the full potential of their products for niche-specific goods and services. Youtube provides an opportunity to realize this for a relatively profitable cost of advertising on video hosting.

Why is advertising on Youtube so effective?

Considering the fact that video content every day increases traffic several times and has long outstripped its competitors, advertising on Youtube will help to announce your company through a bright, interesting, and unusual description, as the video is an ideal format for realizing your image. Professionally tuned video ads on Youtube will make your brand recognizable and also increase the demand for the company's offer.

The colossal possibilities of advertising on Youtube provide the following benefits:

Payment for the result
The price of video advertising depends entirely on its performance. Video hosting charges off the price only if the user has seen most of the commercials.

Analysis of the results
Youtube provides detailed statistical data on which audience watches your ad and how they do it, and by analyzing this data we can confidently understand which traffic will be most beneficial for you and provide our clients with monthly reports on the work done.

Reach a wide range of users
The abundance of various gadgets provides an opportunity to reach a hugely diverse audience, and this makes it possible to promote a huge number of goods and services in different directions.

Social effectiveness
Those users who like your content will surely tell their friends about it and subscribe to you, which will give an advantage in further communication on their territory.


The complex of works on setting up and placing advertising on Youtube

Setting up a Youtube advertising campaign
Setting up a Youtube advertising campaign

A professional organization of the structure of the advertising campaign, the distribution of groups, and subgroups. Setting up Youtube ad display: region, time, interests, targeting, retargeting.

Audience filtering
Audience filtering

We set up an advertising campaign so that it is visible only to potential users of your video ad (age, interests, education, gender).

Budget setup and expense analysis
Budget setup and expense analysis

Drawing up a budget for an advertising campaign based on statistical analysis data, as well as restrictions on rates in order to find the most profitable strategy, taking into account your capabilities.

Setting up analytics
Setting up analytics

Setting up Google Analytics and linking with all advertising systems. Also setting up analytics goals for analyzing user actions performed on your web resource.

Tracking and adjusting bids
Tracking and adjusting bids

Daily control and, if necessary, adjusting the rates of the posted advertising campaign on Youtube according to the approved plan.


Tracking impressions
Tracking impressions

Constant control over the display of video ads, and based on the analysis, their change in the number of impressions based on the approved schedule.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the display.
Analysis of the effectiveness of the display.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of displaying advertising videos. Making timely changes to reduce bounce rates and increase CTR.

Monthly report
Monthly report

Collecting statistics and preparing a report on placed advertising campaigns, which includes the following information on the number of visits and impressions, advertising campaign costs, goals achieved, and other statistical data.


Display ads
The ad is displayed on the main page of the video hosting to the right of the video being viewed above the list of recommended videos, on partner sites, as well as in applications located in the Google Display Network.


  • Your ads will be displayed only with those videos that are interesting to the user;
  • Possibility of independent regulation of the cost of youtube contextual advertising and its payment only in case of watching a video;
  • There are no restrictions on the length of the video, which allows you to provide an unlimited amount of information about your products/services.


Video ad with the ability to skip it
This type of ad appears before, in the middle, or after watching a video you've included. When viewing, the user has the right after 5 seconds to skip the advertisement by clicking on the corresponding button and return to viewing the main video. In this case, the display fee will not be charged.


  • The cost of placing this format is very low;
  • Large audience coverage;
  • In most cases it is used as brand advertising;
  • A fee will be charged only if the user has watched more than 30 seconds of the video or in total if the video is shorter than 30 seconds.


Non-skippable videos
Such video ads on youtube are displayed without the possibility of skipping it, which the user must watch before the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the main video.


  • The user, in any case, to view the advertising video, even if he is not interested;
  • Helps to increase brand awareness.


Announcement screensaver
Short videos (6 seconds) that the user should see before watching the main video.


  • There is no option to skip the promotional video;
  • Video ads like these help build brand awareness.

Why people trust us

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We solve specific tasks

Studio Webmaster is working towards a specific goal. If the task is to increase sales, we will not show a dry graph about the traffic attracted to the site, but will strictly follow the set goal.

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Transparency in work

All advertising companies that we run and set up, as well as its financial costs, are under your control. We provide transparent reports in a language you understand.

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We cooperate with large and small businesses

Studio Webmaster works not only with large, proven brands, but we also help small and medium businesses develop. When setting up an advertising company, we delve into the specifics of the business, and only after that we get down to work.

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We provide a team of talented professionals

Each project for setting up and maintaining a youtube advertising company has an account manager and a project manager who controls the timeliness and coordination of actions.