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What is a bot?

A chatbot is a small program that is able to communicate with users 24/7. This online consultant simplifies the way for users to purchase a product or order a service. Experts call chatbots new generation technical support. That is why such simple and convenient functions are in great demand.

The development of chatbots has already been able to prove its effectiveness, accessibility, and simplicity. A well-configured chatbot simplifies the interaction of visitors with the site and helps to increase conversions. If you haven't launched the chatbot yet, you need to change this.

It is easy to order the creation of chatbots for business in Studio Webmaster – the development process is quite fast and its cost is affordable for everyone. Automate business processes and order the development of chatbots for your website from our experienced team!

The advantages of the introduction of chat-bots:

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Saves and reduces costs

There is no need to pay operators. An automated dialogue is practically no different from communicating using a written script, which most often cannot be abandoned.

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Simplifies search and site navigation

Chatbots help to find the necessary information on the website for the entered request. Unlike regular search, bots are able to recognize more phrases and word forms, so communication through their use becomes more convenient.

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Eliminates the human factor

Lack of stressful situations with "difficult" clients.

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Provides convenience for business and site visitors

According to Google statistics, 65% of website visitors prefer to write to companies rather than call them. Chatbots can be easily connected to any CRM system and offer convenient and simple changes.

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Provides the right amount of information

Communication through bots provides the visitor with only the necessary amount of information. It is not necessary to waste time studying text materials on the site. In the context of saving time and overloading from large amounts of information, this is an important plus.

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Provides support for users 24/7

The virtual assistant provides support for visitors to the Internet resource in the mode of providing recommendations and answers to FAQ. Compared to "live" employees with a working schedule, it is available for contact around the clock.

Studio webmaster creates bots for:
  • online shops;
  • Internet providers;
  • sites of banks and commercial organizations;
  • various manufacturing and trading companies to solve tasks of internal communication;
  • sites-business cards and corporate sites.
With chatbots, you can:
  • find the necessary information for the visitor;
  • to consult, give advice to the user;
  • to provide assistance in placing an order or filling out an application;
  • help to make the best choice;
  • accept and process an application or a call;
  • process user comments.
Chat-bot vs App
Quic answers to simple question
Getting 24 hour service
Convenience for you
Quick answers to complex question
Erase of communication
Ability to easily register a complaint
Getting detailed / expert a complaint
A good customer experience
Friendliess and approachability
Havig a complaint resolved quickly
None of these

Chatbot development from Studio Webmaster


the customer can be calm, trusting problem solving to the responsible team.

Individual and comprehensive approach

We always analyze the customer's niche and only then entrust the development of a chatbot to professionals in their field.

Any complexity
an experienced professional team will turn even the most daring ideas into reality.

Chatbot turnkey
full development from the idea and concept to the delivery of the virtual and augmented reality application.

Acceptable price

offers from our company in terms of "price-quality" ratio makes the world of virtual reality accessible to everyone.

Chatbot Implementation: Case Study of Real Estate Agency
When implementing a chatbot on a real estate agency website, it was necessary to solve a number of important tasks:
  • to save the time of agency employees on communication with clients;
  • to introduce an up-to-date database of real estate objects (houses, apartments, and land plots);
  • provide the agency's clients with maximum information and make it easier for them to find the desired objects.
We made our choice in favor of Messenger. The bot offers a choice: "To buy the properties" and "To sell the properties".
  • After receiving answers, the bot specifies how it is more convenient to receive information: in the messenger, by mail, or by phone.
  • The bot "pulls" a phone number/email from Facebook or opens a chat with a consultant.
  • After that, the bot clarifies the details and offers to receive them by phone number, mail, or chat.
As a result, the client received a bot that optimizes the agency's work, and namely:
  • performs part of the work on providing advice;
  • provides an opportunity to place an advertisement for the sale of an object;
  • helps to choose an object for purchase;
  • saves time for the agency's team of specialists.