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Promotion of mobile applications in Moldova

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Mobile applications for Android or IOS are similar to websites, they need promotion. Today, there are over half a million applications in the App Store alone, and this figure is steadily growing every day.

Do you want your mobile application to be seen by a large number of users and in-demand? An effective solution to this issue lies in the correct promotion and popularization of the mobile application. But in order to achieve effective results in this, it is worth ordering the promotion of mobile applications from experienced specialists.

Promotion of mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play

Each project has its own unique character. Therefore, the advertising strategy, methods, and tools for promotion are determined separately for each project. It is extremely rare when an application does not need promotion, this is possible only with unique content or the idea itself. It is cheaper to promote this kind of application than in the case of typical applications, whose counterparts already exist in large numbers.

Google Play and App Store rankings are based on the number of installs in the previous days. As you go through the stages of promotion, the application will be installed, which will certainly lead to an increase in positions in the search results, both in the corresponding category and in the general top.

The higher the app's rankings, the higher the rate of unmotivated installs. This chain is reciprocal and interdependent. Even in the case of a short-term stay (2-3 weeks) in the top 100 Google Play / App Store, all investments in the promotion will be fully paid off.

The main thing to understand is that as soon as you pause the promotion, your mobile application will inevitably lose its top positions, and at some point, it will reach 0 in terms of installations. For the Studio Webmaster team, it doesn't matter if your mobile application is a new project or an old one at the bottom of the search results in the App Store and Google Play. Although the price may well differ since the cost of promoting a mobile application in 90% of cases is calculated individually.

How are mobile apps ranked in the App Store and Google Play?
The exact algorithm for ranking apps is kept secret by Apple and Google. But if we talk about the main factors, then it is worth highlighting:
  • The total number of installations and specifical installations in the previous 2-4 days;
  • User reviews and ratings;
  • The number of negative reviews and crashes in the application;
  • The total number of applications uninstalled by users;
  • On Google Play - mentions of the application and reviews on the network, that is, external links.
An important factor for search is the relevance and uniqueness of the name, description text, and the presence of keywords, the number of installations from the search for certain keywords, the conversion rate from views to installations.
How to understand the value of a mobile application for users?
The following factors allow determining how interesting the program/game/application is to the audience:
(It is very difficult to promote a mobile application without user involvement. Therefore, we highlight this aspect.)
Percentage of installs and registrationsThe number of users who have completed the tutoriaThe number of registered users and the number of those who have reached level 3 (if it is a game)

Methods for promoting mobile apps in Studio Webmaster

Optimization for the requirements of a specific market
Optimization for the requirements of a specific market

You can promote an application both in the App Store and Google Play together, or separately - for example, only in the App Store. We create a unique title, write description text using keywords. An important factor is constant updating - this has an impact on search results.

Content marketing
Content marketing

We inform the world about your product. We select resources that are interesting to your target audience. We create publications, prepare interesting interviews, and record podcasts. Additionally, we can shoot a video and promote it on YouTube.

Application installations
Application installations

Incentive Installations are the most popular tool for engaging real Internet users. We keep full statistics for tracking.

Working with influencers
Working with influencers

When promoting, it is impossible to achieve results without opinion leaders - authoritative users for your target audience. In order to convey information about your product to a large number of users, we define a circle of such authoritative people who will talk about it.

Website creation promo
Website creation promo

We offer you the creation of a site, so to speak, the official page of your mobile application on the Internet. It can be a corporate website or a well-developed landing page.

What do we do when promoting applications in Studio Webmaster?

  • We research competitors;;
  • Working out a plan for the implementation of the promotion of the application;
  • We develop a selling landing page - creative, attractive, and mobile;
  • Create the perfect page in the app store;
  • We track and analyze the results.

A correct approach to application promotion is the key to its successful promotion. With a full range of tools and skills for promotion, the Studio Webmaster team will analyze and select the optimal strategic solution. Our main goal is to increase your profit from the application. You can order the promotion of a mobile application in Moldova from our Studio Webmaster team.

Improved visibility of your mobile application in the App Store and Google Play leads to an inevitable increase in installs. This is great for game applications and various services. We bring applications to the TOP with a guaranteed result under the contract. Have questions? You can contact our specialist right now.