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Game development for iOS and Android

Studio Webmaster offers a full range of mobile games development for Android and iOS. They are several times larger than their desktop counterparts taking the number of their installations into account; and they require less time and financial resources for development. This makes mobile games a profitable investment now and in the long run, because the number of smartphone owners around the world is only increasing.

Development cycle

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The revenues of some popular games are estimated in millions and even billions. But you wouldn’t be able to achieve such success without in-depth analysis of the market, your competitors, and target audience. After launching the game, it is important to constantly track its dynamics in order to properly place accents and push the process in the right direction.

Work on the project
Work on the project

It is done on the basis of the technical assignment where the brief content of the plot, approximate mechanics is written. A prototype is an intermediate state between an idea and a finished game. It is tested, improved, and then a game design document is compiled, in which the final characteristics of the game from A to Z are written.


Work on the graphics depends on the tasks and the expected result (2D / 3D). The process can involve game designers, 2D and 3D artists, animators, and other related specialists to make the design of the game holistic and complete.

Writing a game
Writing a game

This is a fascinating and creative process, despite all its technical nuances. You will be able to take part in it along with our experts: attend meetings with designers, comment on the stages of work done, participate in sprints and much more.


This is one the finishing stages. We identify bugs and errors if they are present, and eliminate them. We evaluate game functionality, performance, gameplay, modules for monetization and feedback set up, protection against hacking.


Like any other it product, the created mobile game on android and ios needs technical support. We provide customer support 24/7, promptly help with updates and the solution of any technical problems.

What requirements should the game meet to become successful?


High-quality and bright graphics

The times of 8 and 16-bit games have long passed; modern users want to see realistic plot, perfunctory frame change, clearly traced details and small objects, along with a bright picture on the screens of their gadgets. Our designers confidently balance between aesthetics and system requirements, so that the result is in harmony with the overall style and gameplay of the game, and what’s most important, so that the end user (owner of mobile devices) likes the result.

Addictive gameplay

We all had this situation when you’re like: “Another 5 minutes and I’m going to bed”, “One more level and that’s it!” This is due to an exciting gameplay that first attracts and then firmly holds the user's attention. We think over an interesting plot, unique game mechanics, which will eclipse counterparts in the mobile games market in its segment.

Convenient interface

The main difference between the development of mobile games for iOS and Android from desktop is that it is necessary to combine interesting and sometimes complex mechanics with simple and user-friendly controls. By this “friendliness” we understand the W-S-A-D and other control buttons familiar to all gamers. People installing your game can easily control the characters and interact with the environment.

Perfect technical performance

A cool mobile product is a game with an interesting plot, ease of use and what’s most important stable work. Systematic crashes, bugs and freezes are unlikely to please your fans. Therefore, we are working on the technical part very attentively, repeatedly test it, and only having made sure of complete stability we present the mobile game to a wide audience.

Benefits of ordering mobile games at Studio Webmaster

Fast start

We do not delay the development process for a year if the actual time is 3-4 months (depending on the complexity). By ordering an IT product from us you get a comprehensive work on the result, from the idea to placement on the Google Play Market or AppStore and subsequent support.

Stunning graphics

We are proud that talented professional designers and artists are working in our company. They create penetrating virtual worlds that get you overly immersed. Aesthetics, dynamism and maximum realism will not leave even the most demanding users indifferent.

Fulfilling your dreams

If you already have an idea we will show it in the best possible light and plan a game design. Your idea is related to monetization? No problem! We will implement any mechanics in the development process and create a game that will help you earn real money.