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Tik Tok: what app is this?


Tik Tok - is a complete video hosting service for creating and distributing short creative videos. It is the most installed app on iOS and surpassed Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube in popularity in 2019.

TikTok is gaining popularity among Internet users in many countries, including Moldova, in full swing.

Why should pay attention to TikTok? TikTok in numbers

  • The number of installations is close to 1.5 billion
    More than 800 million people use it every day. That's more than Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The youngest audience
    over 70% of users aged 18 to 25. - 34% of users lay out posts daily.
  • Better Advertising Integration
    Unlike Youtube and Instagram, - TikTok has the ability to embed a clickable link into a video..
Лучшие приложения для социальных сетей по всему миру за январь 2020 года
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How to promote TikTok: basic approaches

the method involves launching viral videos with integrated branded queries and a musical jingle. This is how the challenge is quickly recognized by many users who begin to create UGC - content and increase their reach. This is one of the key areas of Tik Tok promotion.
Metrics: the total number of views of all videos, including by hashtags; the number of likes, conversions, and comments.

commercials that users see in their feeds (9-15 seconds long with calls to action).
Metrics: number of views, likes; coverage, referrals, and comments.

it is the most original online format for interactive communication between users and a company/brand. 2D, 3D, augmented reality (AR) - technologies with which we will help you reach a new level of business!
Metrics: total number of videos and their views with a mask or effect applied; the number of likes, reposts, and comments.

Stages of SMM promotion in Tik Tok

01 / 09

Defining the idea and general concept of the channel

02 / 09

Registration and setting up an account

03 / 09

Researching a niche and competitors

04 / 09

Tracking the most relevant hashtags and challenges

05 / 09

Writing cool scripts for videos

06 / 09

Creation of entertainment and commercial video content

07 / 09

Organization of interactive online events

08 / 09

Search for influencers to advertise

09 / 09

Communication with users, active feedback

What do you get by working with the Studio Webmaster team?

Professional creative team
Our creative team - is a marketer, operator, video editor, designer, tiktologist.

Interaction with company accounts in other social networks
This will enhance the effect of promotion. on social media and significantly increase target audience coverage.

First-class branding.
Guaranteed increase in awareness your company, audience engagement and real results for targeted actions. We know how to promote Tik Tok!

Our project
site-ul autoshina
836 /The number of video views using the hashtag
232 /The number of interactions with the brand
25 /Company CTR
sayt Studio Webmaster
Studio Webmaster
1009 /The number of video views using the hashtag
1354 /The number of interactions with the brand
32 /Company CTR
Sayt Cadouri Online
Cadouri Online
698 /The number of video views using the hashtag
401 /The number of interactions with the brand
29 /Company CTR

You should also understand that many companies are still looking at Tik Tok.

While they are creating accounts, you will already be at the peak of popularity.