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How does label and packaging design affect sales?

It only takes the consumer 7 seconds to pay attention to the product on the shelf, evaluate it with his eyes, twist it in his hands and decide whether to put it in the basket or not. That is why it is so important to “catch” the attention of a potential customer in these few seconds and persuade him to buy exactly your product. How to do it? It’s simple when you have a catchy packaging and label design that sets your product apart from hundreds of others.

Packaging is one of the main factors that encourage consumers to make a purchase. It draws attention to the quality, general attractiveness, and informational content. Packaging performs two main tasks: protects goods from damage during storage / transportation and attracts consumer attention. Therefore, in order to stand out among the competitors, the packaging of your product must be properly designed.

High-quality and thoughtful design performs the following functions:​

  • attracts attention;
  • informs clients about the properties and qualities of goods;
  • draws buyer’s attention to the necessary information;
  • causes correct emotional reaction;
  • encourages to purchasing;
  • forms a positive image;
  • increases the number of sales.

Stages of cooperation with us


Brand and product analysis
Brand and product analysis

We study the competitive advantages and features of the company, the range of products offered, the target audience, competitors. All this is necessary in order to express as accurately as possible the values ​​of your brand and the benefits for the consumer in the design work.

Execution of technical specifications
Execution of technical specifications

Document includes the results of study, along with the wishes of the customer. Further work of designers is built on its base.

3 concepts for creating label / packaging design
3 concepts for creating label / packaging design

Based on the results of the brainstorming, our creative team determines the three most successful concepts. Based on them, 3 optimal graphic solutions are created with a reasoned justification for each (based on brand positioning and USP).


The client determines the most successful version of the template from the three given. If necessary, client initiates corrections. Next, we bring the chosen option to perfection: we refine the form, fonts, form the color scheme of the entire line, and prepare the illustrated materials. Work continues until the layout is agreed with the customer. When the final design concept is approved, the final layout and preparation of layouts are carried out in accordance with the technical requirements for further printing.

What information is necessary for label design execution?

If this is the first time you order a label and packaging design for your products, then you should know what you have to provide the contracting company to work on your design. Here is the list of basic required information:

  • Company`s logo;

  • Label size;

  • Product information (name, composition / ingredients, description);

What information is necessary for label design execution?
What information is necessary for label design execution?
What information is necessary for label design execution?
What information is necessary for label design execution?
What information is necessary for label design execution?
What information is necessary for label design execution?

How much does it cost to order a label or packaging design?

from 120

Development of brief

2 options for design concept

Refinement of the selected option

Prepress with source

from 280

Includes comprehensive design support to bring the product to the market.

You can order services listed in the basic package:

Professional product photo shoot

Development of an advertising strategy

Promotion of goods on social networks

Development of promotional materials (banner, booklets, catalogs, brochures, etc.)

The cost of label development and packaging design depends on components such as:​ label / packaging size; number of design options provided; involvement of related specialists; the option of develop positioning and USP; the number of sizes the selected design to be adapted.

The cost of the “Business Package” will depend on the list of services you have chosen. The final development price label / packaging​ is estimated based on the results of a personal meeting.