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Android application development

Android application development is your opportunity to reach higher ground in business and gain profit.

This operating system has more than 1.5 million users. The audience covers almost all corners of the world and different social groups. This opens up tremendous opportunities for promoting your brand, services and products.

You need an Android app from Studio Webmaster if you:

  • Have a business idea and want to make it happen in the shortest possible time
  • Are an offline business or website owner and want to create an application android specifically for it
  • Don’t want to take risks trusting such an important task to freelancers

What business opportunities does the Android app open?

For corporate websites

Maintaining a full-scale web site is often accompanied by a number of costs for your business. For example, you have to invest in your resource, maintain it, and also involve qualified specialists once in a time. Mobile version allows you to automate core business processes and become closer to customers than your competitors. You will also receive quick feedback from all divisions of your company.

For online stores

The application is an effective tool for selling goods and services. It can be basic or auxiliary. Advantages: reselling growth, promptly customer informing on promotions, discounts, etc.

For startups

Not sure who is going to be your target audience? Don’t worry, you will definitely find your audience among the 2.5 billion users of gadgets on Android. You can make adjustments at any time to improve efficiency. We guarantee flexibility and thorough analytics in the design process.



Working process

The idea of ​​the product
The idea of ​​the product

In order to make the application fully comply with its tasks, we offer free consultations with the client and a thorough business expertise.

Project evaluation and analytics
Project evaluation and analytics

The cost of creating and developing a mobile app Android is estimated. Then we Refine the concept of the product through in-depth analysis.


We develop a convenient and user-friendly interface. We create a catchy and practical design, taking all the characteristics of the target audience into account.

Development and testing
Development and testing

We write the application using programming language on several stages. We assess the stability of work, design quality, ease of use, etc.

We place the application in relevant stores. We monitor its functions 24/7 so that it works correctly on all mobile gadgets without bugs.

Our works - mobile applications
Kartolino Art

Kartolino Art

Hyundai Testing

Hyundai Testing

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Our guarantees

When contacting Studio Webmaster, you get guaranteed results. All our duties and your rights are set out in the contract for the provision of services. We offer you to sign it before starting work. In addition to developing an app you get:

  • Analytics service setup;
  • Product posting on Google Play Market;
  • Application maintenance after its development.
 Android application development

The advantages of working with Studio Webmaster:

More than 10 years of successful development of mobile applications on Android operating system
A team of high-skilled specialists (7 or more people) working only with your project
Reasonable price for developing mobile app for Android and crystal financial statements

If you are in doubt or want to clarify the price and other details when ordering the creation and development of android applications in Chisinau and Moldova, you can safely contact us and consult, as well as come to our office. We are always open to You.