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Video reviews of our clients

PAVEL ZINGANfounder of Mr.One

“I have been ordering website promotion for over 20 years. This time I chose Studio Webmaster, because it’s important for me not only to have a good website, but also a stable support during the development process. Webmaster is a company that, first of all, ensures website stability for a long time.

Having worked together for several months after the creation of the internet site was complete, I can note the that those inevitable problems that arise when starting each new project were resolved in the shortest possible time, even on weekends. Therefore, I am willing to continue working with Webmaster with pleasure; moreover, I have already ordered the development a second media website.”

ALEXANDR GUTYUMco-owner of CC Alfa City Mall

“Alfa City Shopping Mall is a major mall in the Buyukany neighborhood. In the process of launching such a large-scale project we have searched long and carefully for partners to promote us on the Internet to attract potential customers. We turned to Studio Webmaster with “hot” tasks that should have been completed in a very short period.

Why did we decide to work with Studio Webmaster? They are nice people, young and energetic guys who know their job and professionally complete all the tasks on time. We have established entrusting partnerships, and decided on further joint cooperation only with Studio Webmaster. ”


“When we decided to create website our own brand we knew exactly that we need a team of professionals to help us in creating the brand style, the website itself and all the necessary applications. Having studied the market of advertising services in Chisinau, we chose Studio Webmaster for several reasons.

First, guys answer all questions very quickly and are always ready to make contact. Second, they are professionals who carry out their work crystal and on time. Webmaster design team has created a corporate identity for our brand that is interesting for us and meets all the requirements of the modern women's clothing market. I want to express my deep gratitude to the company for the quality services provided. ”


“Webmaster Studio taught us how to close all our processes in stages, from start to finish. It is very easy to work with them, they have a strong team. They understand you perfectly and give the right recommendations when needed.

When creating a site the most important thing is quality and proper positioning of your product. Studio Webmaster team has exactly those guys on board who can organize, quickly and efficiently build a concept of a marketing campaign from start to finish. We have been cooperating for a long time and during this period we managed to become friends. Webmaster is a customer-friendly, open, outgoing company. Those guys are really cool, I tell ya! ”

OLEG GOLITSAClub owner of

“Our club is already 8 years old, and it was the time when I thought that it was necessary to optimize our websites to bring us more customers. My business partner recommended me to contact Studio Webmaster. At the first stages of cooperation it became clear already that this is a professional and responsible team, they can handle serious tasks.

To date, our club has three sites on the Internet; we received ready-made unique landing pages in the shortest possible time. The constant professional support from Studio Webmaster allows us to stay calm and be sure that our websites bring us customers constantly.”

EUGENY PIVOVARCHUCfounder of Imperia Company

“6 years ago the goal of changing Moldova was set. An idea of creating a crowdfunding platform appeared. The main problem was obvious - it is not so easy to develop a start up in Moldova. It took 5 years to collect all thoughts and ideas into a single whole. It was important to find a team of specialists able to get through this project, making our ideas real.

And we found such a team - Studio Webmaster! It is not just a company with commercial principles and goals, it is a family. We are grateful to them for cooperation; their individual approach ensures the effectiveness of our results.”

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