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Price for the development of packaging and label design

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One way or another, the wrapper of the product is the first thing that the buyer pays attention to, so the design of the package or label is very important, and their cost is calculated taking into account several important factors, which we will talk about later.

Most often, the buyer identifies beautiful packaging with the quality of the product. We think that if a product looks beautiful, most likely it should be of high quality. It is visually that the buyer chooses a product, and in rare cases, when choosing a product in a specific price segment, the user will choose an unattractive packaging.

So, in order for the buyer to choose your packaging or label, it must have a memorable, stylish design. It should be bright so that, among many others, the buyer will fix his gaze on your product. The ideal design should be such that the buyer stops his gaze against his will, without intending to buy this product. This is an excellent marketing tool that does not require additional funds, because the picture speaks for itself.

It is psychologically arranged that a person most easily perceives information visually, and, firstly, it is worth playing on this, and secondly, it is not worth saving money. It is emotions and associations that make up the link between the buyer and the brand. After all, you are not selling a product, but emotions. In this context, the first impression is very important. In addition, in order for the label to become a selling one, it must:

a) be memorized by the buyer at first sight;

b) clearly convey important information to the buyer;

c) match the overall brand concept.

On this last point, it's important to note that if your brand represents different products or product lines, by combining them into one design concept, you can create a strong bond between the customer and your brand. If a customer likes one of your products, definitely, for sure, next time in the store he will look for a familiar label with his eyes. This is another argument that confirms that the cost of developing a label design is commensurate with the results obtained afterwards.

Stages of packaging or label design development

Development of packaging and label design involves a number of works, which also, include the price:

  • Product analysis. The creation of a label design is carried out on the basis of a study of a brand or company, its corporate identity, the product itself, namely, its features and advantageous characteristics. In addition, in order to create a truly selling packaging, it is necessary to study the target audience, as well as the current trends in the field.

  • Development of technical specifications. This is a very important stage, because the competent preparation of the technical specification excludes possible errors and ensures a smooth and consistent workflow. Thanks to this, you will get your result faster and better. It is better to spend more time on drawing up the technical assignment than to spend both time and money on revisions or changes.

  • Development of several design options. As a rule, a professional IT studio will offer you several design options. After that, you can make some edits and transform your chosen concept a bit. However, more often it does end up like this, because before that, the terms of reference were carefully drawn up.

  • Preparing for printing. After the final edits and approval of the design, it is necessary to carry out the last layout for correct printing.

What determines the cost of packaging and label design development?

When it comes to design, the price will always greatly depend on the type and characteristics of the product for which it is required. Each unique product requires careful technical and graphic design. Different products require a different visual approach:

  • Some products are most profitable to present in all their splendor, as if to emphasize the already existing zest. In other words, some products look good on their own, and to show this, you need to take good quality photography or render the product accordingly.

  • On the other hand, some goods will be represented more interesting and profitable by a character. In this case, it is very important not to overdo it, otherwise you risk getting a kitschy, tasteless label that will only repel potential buyers.

  • In some cases, the text can also act as a stylistic element and favorably emphasize the value of the product. To do this, you need to do a good job with color, contrast. Sometimes it is not enough to choose a suitable font, but you need to develop a new, unique one.

Before ordering the development of a design for a package or label, it is important to immediately note the goal: the design is created for a single product or for a whole line of products. In the second case, it will be necessary to think over the options for modifying the label for various goods. It is recommended to discuss this point at the very beginning, as it also affects the cost of the service.

Also, the price is influenced by the price segment of the product. The packaging of premium products requires the use of more expensive and possibly rare or non-standard materials. In addition, such a product often requires a more creative approach.

Why not skimp on packaging and labels?

As we have already said, a bright and memorable first impression can play a key role for the buyer in choosing a product. That is why it is worth allocating the budget in favor of creating quality packaging. Otherwise, even the highest quality product may not work because of a bad label.

We would like to note that the design of packaging or labels should be entrusted to professionals. They know how to best present the features of the product so that the buyer will pay attention to it and would like to buy it.

As you may have already understood, there are many factors that affect the cost of developing a label design. It takes into account the technique, and the uniqueness, and the chosen style. In addition, the cost varies depending on your goal: if you came for a new design, there will be one price, if you need to refine an existing design, it will be a completely different price.

Everything is calculated individually. To find out more details and the approximate cost of your project, please contact the managers of our company. They will answer all your questions and provide the most complete information.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about the price for package/label development

① How should be the selling packaging?❓

🗹 Quality packaging must meet the following requirements:
  • memorable at first sight;
  • clearly conveys important information to the buyer;
  • corresponds to the overall brand concept.

⓶ What does the package / label design cost include?❓

  • Product analysis;
  • Preparation of technical specifications;
  • Development of several options;
  • Preparing for printing.

③ How much does a package or label design cost?❓

🗹 In Studio Webmaster, this service starts from €70.

⓸ How to order a service?❓

🗹 You can order packaging or label design by calling (+373) 60-10-6666 or on the service page.
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