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How much does a corporate identity cost

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For your better understanding about how much it costs to develop a corporate identity, it is necessary to identify the elements that make up the given one. From brand to brand, the corporate identity can vary greatly, but there are basic elements that any company should have. So, the main elements of corporate identity are: logo, business card and brand book. These three leads that the general concept, color scheme and stylistic direction are determined.

In addition to the three above elements, there are several more options for the composition of the corporate identity:

  1. Business documentation of the company: all types of documents, including letterheads, envelopes, folders, price lists, company diaries, and even badges and passes.
  2. Printed advertising materials: all printed materials that in one way or another tell about the company, namely - catalogs, magazines, calendars, as well as booklets, brochures and leaflets.
  3. Accessories: Developing this type of product can be a great publicity stunt. This usually includes items such as cups, pens, key rings, notepads, and more.
  4. Interior and exterior items: usually this category includes signs, panels, stands, various signs at the entrance to a building, office, store, and even a warehouse. In principle, within the framework of this part of the corporate identity, the design of the space is being developed. Despite the fact that, unfortunately, such a service is not within the scope of our competence, we can still help you with it. We can create a concept for you, on the basis of which you can already refine the corporate style of your company or brand.
  5. Branded uniforms: The main advantage of having this uniform is to increase consumer loyalty.

Corporate identity development: stages and cost

Developing a corporate identity for a company means doing a tremendous amount of analytical work to identify the best marketing strategy. One way or another, the creation of a corporate identity serves to promote the company. Which elements will most profitably reflect the essence and mission of the company depends on this. It is a correctly and harmoniously formed corporate identity that creates the image of a successful and effective company.

Creation of the corporate identity of the company includes a number of stages, which determine the cost of the service. The more complex and globally the development of a corporate identity is conceived, the higher the price will be. Further, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main stages:

Stage I

As we have already mentioned, analysis plays an important role in creating a corporate identity; it takes most of the time and effort. It is necessary to study in detail the data about the company, its services, as well as research the market and the needs of the target audience.

Stage II

This is followed by the development of a general design concept and all graphic elements. At this stage, is determined the color palette, the fonts are selected and, in general, is developed the visual design of the brand. Also, a special attention is paid to the logo, since it is this element that is the most distinctive and memorable.

Stage III

At the final stage, all that remains is to approve and prepare all the elements for further processing. In this case, we mean such manipulations as layout, preparation of the necessary image formats, and so on.

Should I order the development of corporate identity?

The answer is definitely yes! If you are not convinced of this yet, we will try to give you more arguments.

First, the corporate identity should be considered as an investment, it is a serious contribution to the future of your company. Companies with branded style, definitely take precedence over those who do not have it. It is definitely worth developing a corporate identity, since the price of this service guaranteed get your money back, but there is another point here: do not expect incredible results right away. Every process requires a certain time and this is natural. The corporate identity is created within long-term perspective. However, the results are usually really amazing. The proof is the very big brands that the whole world knows about - Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Adidas and others. Each of these brands started with a very modest budget. However, they were able to find a way to express their uniqueness and create an image that now works great for them. So why don't you do the same?

It is the corporate identity that is the bridge of trust between the company and its customers. And in order to make this bridge, the corporate identity must not only be original and unique, but also meet the requirements of the market.

The uniqueness of the brand should be manifested in all aspects, in communication with clients, methods of promotion, advertising campaigns, and so on. And the best tool for this can be a unique corporate identity design, whose price will definitely pay off over time.

Because this is a rather complicated and complex process, the development of corporate identity should be entrusted to a professional IT studio. Such a project requires the participation of not only designers, but also marketers, managers, in some cases, even programmers.

By contacting our company, you will make the right choice. We have over 10 years of experience in the IT field, we have specialists of different profiles, as well as all the necessary resources for this service.

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🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about the price for corporate identity development

① What elements does the corporate identity include?❓

🗹 The basic elements of the corporate identity are:
  • Logo;
  • Business card;
  • Brandbook;
  • Optional items can be: uniforms, accessories and souvenirs, printed advertising products, interior and exterior items.

⓶ What are the steps of creating a corporate identity?❓

  • Analysis;
  • Development ;
  • Approval and preparation for further processing.

③ How much does it cost a corporate identity development?❓

🗹 Studio Webmaster offers prices starting from €320.

⓸ How to order a service?❓

🗹 You can order creating a corporate identity by calling (+373) 60-10-6666 or on the service page.
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