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How to determine prices for web design services?

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Everything about creativity, and web design is definitely creativity, is very ambiguous. Any creativity is the creation of something unique, and each performer has the right to determine the value of his work. This is why you can come across completely different price tags, and that's okay. The higher the professional level, the more experience and the more developed aesthetic taste he has, the more expensive the site design will be, and these are not all factors on which the cost of the service depends. In addition, it is important to consider where exactly you are going to order a website design. It is natural that the services of a professional IT studio will cost more than, for example, the services of a freelancer. In this case, we are talking not only about the quality of the service, but also about certain costs due to taxes, renting premises, paying for specialists and other things. Apart from this, in principle, the development of the site design includes an impressive list of works, which also determines the cost.

Website design: what does the price depend on?

In basic terms, web design is no different from any other service. There are 3 main factors that are interrelated: the level of the performer, the amount of work and the time spent.

We have already mentioned the professionalism of a web artist above, and as for the volume of work, in our case we mean which site will be developed. Naturally, if this is an online store, the amount of work will be more than in the case of a business card site or landing page. Although, speaking of the landing page, it is worth noting that this site is more "demanding", you need to take into account certain nuances. Well, the time is calculated in proportion to the amount of work and the designer's experience.

Formula: Designer + Work Scope * Working Hours = Design Cost

But before starting the work itself, a qualified designer does some serious analytical work. After all, it is necessary to correctly set the task, determine the target audience, analyze the client's business and his direct competitors, thereby identifying the best and worst sides. Only then, the designer starts sketching the future site, creates a prototype, thinks over the structure, determines the color scheme, and so on. And only after all these stages, the master "brings beauty". As a rule, the client sees only the last stage, and perhaps, sometimes makes hasty conclusions, but this is normal, because everyone is good in his field. Creation and development of a website design is a painstaking work, the price of which must match.

Why should you give preference to a professional?

A talented and skilled web designer must have not only aesthetic taste and great imaginative thinking, but also a variety of skills. He must be able to develop a site design so that the idea of ​​the client, usability and user needs are combined into a unique virtual design. Like a sculptor who sees a future work of art in an untouched piece of marble, a good web designer sees in advance what and how it will look, what will be the positions of the elements and how it will move and change.

Our designers will turn your idea into reality with precision and will do it in the best possible way. Our specialists have tremendous experience, so they can work out any idea at the highest level. Contact us and you will not regret it!

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I want to order a web design, but what does the price include?

If a fine work of art or a piece of decor must create an impeccable and gorgeous visual effect, then web design or, for example, interior design must meet a number of other nuances. In the case of interior design, in the development it is extremely important to take into account the technical plan of the room, which means plumbing, electrician, etc. When it comes to web design, particular attention should be paid to usability. The site should not only be visually pleasing and memorable, but also meet the needs of users. It should be easy to navigate through it, the structure should be clear and simple, everything should obey the system, sequence, all elements should be located correctly and conveniently. All this is an argument that it is worth ordering a website design for professionals, and the prices will take your money back. Further, we propose to figure out what all the same includes the price of website design development:

  • Site type: online store, business card site, landing page, corporate site;

  • Selection of stylistic direction: minimalism or the presence of a larger "decor";

  • Number of unique pages. Here, special attention is paid to the home page;

  • Development of interactive elements (if necessary);

  • The number of options, one of which can be edited;

  • Edits, revision;

  • Adaptability of design for various mobile devices. Despite the fact that the design itself does not change, some elements need to be transformed for a specific interface.

In this context, we would like to dwell a little on the main page, since it is it that sets the tone for the entire site as a whole. A good share of the price goes to it, and why, let's figure it out further.

The main page should provide a smooth transition to all important pages, which is why the designer needs to carefully consider its structure. The second important point is the visual side, because the main page is the first thing that the user sees. The more active and attractive it looks, the more likely the user will stay on it.

Some time ago, there has been a tendency to design a home page like a landing page. The structure of such a page differs from the structure of the usual one in that instead of one page with text and several pictures, the designer works, as it were, several pages in one. In other words, the user has the opportunity to see much more useful information without going to other pages.

Thus, more complex and unique designs take not only more "inspiration" but also more time.

🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about website design

① What determines the price of a website design?❓

🗹 The price of a website design directly depends on the professional level of the specialist, the amount of work and the time spent.

⓶ What does the website design cost include?❓

  • Site type;
  • Selection of the stylistic direction;
  • Number of unique pages;
  • Development of interactive elements (if necessary);
  • Number of options;
  • Edits, revision;
  • Design adaptability for various mobile devices.

③ How much does it cost to order a website design?❓

🗹 At Studio Webmaster, web design prices start from €200.

⓸ How to order a website design?❓

🗹 You can order site design by phone (+373) 60-10-6666 or on the service page.
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