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What is the cost of developing a business card design?

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Before looking at the factors that affect the cost of a business card design, let's briefly define what a business card is and what it is for.

A business card is a capacious space that answers three questions:

• Who is its owner?

• What does the owner do?

• Where can I find the owner?

Of course, in the modern world, most entrepreneurs and leaders have their own official websites, but there are cases when a business card is still the most convenient and appropriate means of providing important information. In addition, the business card gives solidity and charm, especially when made in an impeccable design. A business card can still be considered an important accessory for any businessman, and the more individual it looks, the more confidence it inspires. Among other things, a business card is a full-fledged advertising element, so you should pay special attention to its design. Business card design development is a service whose price is absolutely commensurate with the expected result.

The cost of developing a business card design: what does the price include?

Designing business cards is more complex work than it might seem at first glance, so the cost must be considered with certain characteristics in mind, which you will learn about later. A business card is not just a small piece of paper with a name and some kind of pattern. No matter how small this informative element is, the business card has its own standards of size, composition and other things. In addition to the fact that it is necessary to fit all the necessary contact information into it, it should also stand out, and the smaller the format, the more difficult it is to correctly and harmoniously arrange all the elements. Therefore, if you want to order a business card design, whose price will definitely get your money back, you should contact the professionals.

Little by little we come to the question of the cost of developing a business card design. To determine the factors affecting the price, it is necessary to answer the question of how the development generally takes place.

Business card design development, as well as the price itself, includes several stages:

• The first step, as always, is the familiarization and analysis of the information provided by the client, namely, the very three issues that we talked about at the very beginning of the article are discussed. In addition, the corporate identity of the company, brand or client's activities is studied. It is important to take into account the corporate identity: if the business card matches it, it will perform its function as efficiently as possible.

We would like to reveal this topic a little more. A business card should not only be stylistically associated with the corporate identity, it should be one of the full-fledged components of this. Therefore, its development must comply not only with certain technical rules, but also meet marketing requirements. Therefore, a high-quality business card created by a professional designer will always be made in accordance with the colors of the corporate style. In addition to contact information, the business card should contain a logo and, concisely and clearly, without unnecessary words, describe the type of activity.

• Next, we proceed to the development of the business card layout itself, which is its digital version. Now there are many opportunities for self-development of a business card, but it is still better to entrust this work to a professional. When everyone does what they do best, we get the best outcome and the best result. There are a number of subtleties that only an experienced and qualified designer knows. In addition to technical skills, a good designer has knowledge of composition and chromatology (the art of color). Consequently, business card design is a service, the cost of which largely depends on the professional level of the designer.

• As a rule, a designer develops several variants of layouts, of which one is approved and may undergo some changes. The number of changes and revisions also affects the price.

• The last step is to prepare the approved and final version of the business card layout for printing.

Other factors affecting the price

In general, the cost of a business card design is determined by the amount of work, and the amount of work directly depends on two factors: the type of business card and the type of layout design.

1) In general, business cards can be divided into two categories: personal and corporate.

A personal business card usually contains the contact information of a specific employee of the company or person providing certain services, an artist, etc.

A corporate business card usually presents information about the company, its field of activity and, therefore, contacts.

2) There can be several types of layout design. Let's take a look at the main ones. From this, it will be possible to draw a conclusion about the cost of a business card, namely, speaking about the design and the possibilities that the designer can offer.

  • Standard: can also be classified as a "template" service. In this case, the client provides a technical specification containing the necessary data and desired visual elements, effects, etc. The designer should position all the components correctly.

  • Complex: unlike the first option, the designer is given more freedom and authority - he himself works out the composition, selects graphic elements, the font of the text, and so on.

  • Advanced: the most expensive, but also the best option, of course, if we are talking about a professional designer. In addition to the data, in this case the customer is only required to correctly set the task, to determine the requirement. Further, the designer creates a concept, develops several options, after which the client only needs to approve the selected option. Also, in the development of such a business card, more non-standard graphic and stylistic solutions can be used, which, as you understand, naturally costs more.

Our studio will be happy to develop a business card design for you, whichever option you choose. Business card design development from our studio means quality and good prices. For more details on development progress and price, please contact our consultants.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about the price of a business card design

① What determines the price of a business card design?❓

🗹 The cost of developing a business card design depends on the type of business card and layout of the design, the amount of work and the professional level of the designer.

⓶ What does the price of a business card design include?❓

  • Data collection and analysis of the corporate identity of the company;
  • Development;
  • Approval and revisions;
  • Preparing for printing.

③ How much does a business card design cost?❓

🗹 At Studio Webmaster, prices for this service start at 50 €.

⓸ How to order the development of a business card design?❓

🗹 You can order business card design by calling (+373) 60-10-6666 or on the service page.
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