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What is a CRM system, its value and cost?

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CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system like a program, you can optimize the process of working with clients and selling with. It is a complex program with many partitions, that store and manage large amounts of data.

From the very beginning, we would like to note that despite the fact that the development of a CRM system may seem expensive, its price is due to many factors. Thus, before making a decision, we suggest you to study this article. So, you can accurately assess the capabilities of this system.

Types of CRM systems and its abilities

Conventionally, CRM systems can be divided into 2 types:

Cloud: such a system is located on the developer's server, which means that it requires a device with the Internet to use it. In other words, this is the development of a CRM system, which cost is quite low for the purchase of a license.

Desktop: in comparison with the cloud, the server and the software of this system are located on the client's computer. This is a CRM system whose price can vary greatly. This is due to the fact that in addition to the development itself, some additional solutions will be needed, which you can learn about below.

Types of CRM systems and its abilities

Next, let's look at the main features of the CRM system:

  • Contact Database

In this system, you can store all the necessary data about clients and projects, and this is necessary so that you can find the information you need at any time. With its help, it is very convenient to track such data as, for example, the status of the client and the number of meetings held with him.

  • Optimization tool

Using the CRM system, you can optimize the work process with a client and sort the order process by stages (registration, payment, delivery, etc.).

In addition, you can optimize the work process within the company, like, fix tasks and monitor their implementation. Another function in this context can be paperless workflow optimization.

  • Analytical function

You can analyze the efficiency of work processes by setting, for example, the number of sales and attracted customers, and it is also possible to listen to calls, analyze the time spent on a particular task.

  • Integration capability

CRM system can be synchronized, for example, with social networks, so, all the messages or notifications that you receive from social will appear in the system. In other words, all customer interactions can be monitored with a single system.

  • Marketing Tool

With the help of CRM, you can sort and group different categories of customers, which allows you to accurately send offers or news.

This also includes setting up and controlling the sales funnel.


More information about the solutions and how you to order the development of a CRM system, you can find on the service page.

Advantages of the CRM system

  • Data security: CRM system can be configured in such a way that you can restrict access to certain data in accordance with the position of the employee.

  • Forecasting: This system is not just a data warehouse. It can sort, analyze and transform data into ratios and metrics that can be used to adjust business processes.

  • Accounting: due to the same fixation of all data, it is impossible to sell goods at the old price or quietly write an invoice for goods that are not in stock.

  • Automation: using such a system, you can automate many processes - mailing, calls, invoices, adding goods, tasks.

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of employees: you can track the dynamics of work, the time spent, the correctness of the stages. In addition, you can even distribute employees by rating, thus seeing the complete picture with each employee's place in the company.

CRM system - how much does it cost or how to calculate the price correctly?

CRM system - how much does it cost or how to calculate the price correctly?

Despite the common components, each CRM system is individual, so the price can include many factors. Let's take a look at the main ones:

  • System type: cloud or desktop.

  • Number of users: the more staff in your company, the higher the price will be.

  • Functionality or structure: most often includes 3 basic components:

    - Sales: It can be divided into 2 components - customer accounts and analytics data. In the case of the first component, it should be configured so that the employee can quickly display customer data (name, phone number, email address, etc.) for further operations with them. In terms of analytics, the CRM system is able to transform this data into charts and graphs, which simplifies business analysis.

          - Marketing: this is where the fixing and processing of tasks takes place.

          - Customer support: here are sorted client's requests, for further sending them to the appropriate departments. This base also contains instructions or            a kind of ready-made scenarios for solving problems, for employees. Also, the support agents have to have the ability to edit these instructions.

  • Implementation of a CRM system is an important factor that makes up the price

Ordering the development of a CRM system is half the battle, it is very important to implement it correctly. This primarily means training staff to use this tool. Each system or program has its own nuances, and in order to start the workflow more efficiently and faster, it is better to contact the specialists. As a minimum, it is necessary to consult the main managers of the company. Otherwise, there will be little sense from this useful system, since your employees will continue to work in their familiar Excel. CRM implementation must be done in cooperation with all departments of the company. So it will go smoothly, quickly and comfortable for the employees.

This stage includes:

          - customization of the system for the individual requirements of the client;

          - import of data from the old database, regardless of what kind of system it is;

          - an introductory course of use for employees.

We hope that you are convinced that the development service and implementation of CRM, it is advisable to order together. This will save you valuable time and, subsequently, other resources.

  • Additional costs are the last but not the least factor that should be discussed from the outset. Most often these costs include: technical support, updates and backups.

Setting up a CRM system requires experience and skills, which also includes the price. That is why, it is better to order this service in combination with all the above. Also, we recommend you to order this service in a professional IT studio.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about a CRM system

① Why do you need a CRM system?❓

🗹 Mainly, such a system systematizes and automates business processes, which saves a lot of time, resources and helps to increase sales several times.

⓶ What types of CRM system exist?❓

🗹 There are 2 main types of CRM systems:
  • Cloud
  • Desktop

③ What can do a CRM system?❓

🗹 A CRM system is not only a giant database, but also:
  • Optimization tool;
  • Marketing tool;
  • Analytical tool.

⓸ How much does a CRM system cost?❓

🗹 In Studio Webmaster, the price for developing a CRM system starts from €2500.