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What does technical support for a website really mean, and what is its price?

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Technical support consist of identification and elimination of errors that prevent the site from functioning normally. This is a really necessary service, as it is not always possible to identify all errors during testing.

We would like to note that often this service implies a number of tasks, like how to change the design, which is not entirely correct. It is important to understand that working with text content, design and some programming tasks are completely different services and, therefore, the price for them is used differently. In this case, you can order a comprehensive website service, but be prepared that prices may differ, but the good thing is that the result will also differ. The most important is to discuss everything at the initial stage.

What influences the cost of website technical support?


If you apply to the same studio where your site was developed, for technical support, after the project is completed, you may be offered free warranty site support for a certain period of time. After it's completion, the price of site support will already be fixed depending on the duration, tariff and other factors that you will learn about onwards.

In this context, it is important to note that not all cases are covered by warranty, for example:

  • if we found errors after the intervention of a third-party programmer. Why is that? Because, more often, the other specialist is not able to trace the logic of the site and fully understand it. Thus, even a small change can disrupt the normal functioning of the site.

  • if after a while you realize that you do not like some design or site structure elements. In this case, because these are not errors, these services should be paid. In addition, sometimes it may seem that adding or changing a tiny button on the site is a mere trifle, but this is far from the case. In order to get to this five-minute action, you need to take several steps: contact the manager - processing the task - finding a programmer – give him this task - connecting to the site – find the location of the file and only then you do the “only five minutes of work”. So, 5 minutes turns into 30.

Working hours spent on site technical support is what the price largely depends on. This is especially important in the case of third-party sites. In particular, if the site is developed not on a standard CMS, but on a personalized one, the developer will first have to study it in detail, and in other words this is diagnosis. It is important to do it carefully, since most often, the search for the cause of errors means most of the working time.

Recommendation! If you want to speed up the process, provide the developer with the existing project documentation.

The cost of a working hour, for technical support, mainly depends on the experience and professional level of the specialists.

So, the cost of technical support for the site ultimately includes the following:

  • ensuring the correct operation of the site without failures;

  • restoration of the site's performance if a failure nevertheless occurred;

  • access control of to the site;

  • creating backups of the site;

  • virus protection;

  • protection against hacking and attacks;

  • site diagnostics;

  • elimination of errors.

What influences the cost of website technical support?

Why you shouldn't neglect the site's technical support?

We would like to note once again why the technical support of the site is so important, and also, why the cost of the service is fully justified.

Why you shouldn't neglect the site's technical support?

So, imagine that a visitor comes to your site. Before he had time to do anything, the antivirus was already actively warning him about the unsafe use of the site. Suppose he is not scary and still decided to stay, but then he sees that the site freezes, product pages do not load well. Most likely, the client will leave, do you agree? And yet, suppose that he is very patient and decided to stay, chose a product, threw it into the basket, but cannot make a payment. Now he will definitely go away and, so, you will lose the client.

Of course, these are critical errors, after which you will definitely need site support and the price will be of little interest to you, since you will need to urgently solve this problem. But there is a better solution — order the service in a timely manner, so you can prevent these and many other errors and failures.

Whom to order technical support for the site from?

In general, you have three options:

  • Entrusting support to one of your employees: it is inexpensively, but impractical, since in this case you need experience and certain skills that you cannot receive so simple. Thus, even more mistakes can be made. Of course, you can send an employee for training, but then it will no longer be as economical as you would like.

  • Hire an employee on a permanent basis: in this case, we recommend first to calculate the costs of organizing a workplace, salaries, as well as paying for vacations and sick leave. It is up to you to decide how profitable it is, but there is one more nuance - finding a good specialist will take valuable time.

  • Contacting an IT studio or using an outstaffing service is perhaps the best option, since a professional studio employs whole teams of diverse IT specialists who can be entrusted with this type of work.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about website technical support

① What is the website technical support?❓

🗹 Mainly, this is the identification and elimination of various technical errors that prevent the smooth operation of the site.

⓶ What determines the price of the service?❓

🗹 The price depends on the amount of work, hours spent and the qualifications of the developer. Also, the cost may vary depending on additional services that are most often needed, and it is advisable to order them together. The most important thing is to clearly discuss all you want, already at the stage of the contract.

③ How much does the service cost?❓

🗹 Usually, the cost is determined individually for each project. To help you to understand, we offer the following prices for the site support service:
  • Modernization and revision — from €20 / hour;
  • Information support — from €200;
  • Web design support — from €200.

⓸ How to order the service?❓

🗹 You can order technical support for the site by calling (+373) 60 106 666 or on the service page.
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