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Turnkey website? What is it...?

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Turnkey website? What is it...?

A turnkey website is a fully functioning and hosted Internet resource that has everything you need to do business, implement marketing strategies, etc. Imagine that you ordered a turnkey apartment renovation and, as a result, received a dream home. The situation is roughly the same with websites. Experts carry out complex work, as a result of which you get a workable resource, sharpened for promotion and ready to bring you profit.

By ordering the creation of turnkey websites, you will save your time: make only 1 call, sign an agreement with an IT company and discuss the terms of reference. We will take care of the rest of the development and launch of the Internet resource.

What do I get if I order a website?

  • Analysis of the business and the competitor;

  • Analysis of the target audience of the resource;

  • Drawing up an image of a potential buyer by characteristics;

  • Collecting the semantic core;

  • Creation of the structure and prototype of the website;

  • Development of a design concept;

  • Layout, programming;

  • Optimization of pages for SEO-promotion;

  • Resource connection to hosting..

Which turnkey website can be ordered?

Which turnkey website can be ordered?

  1. Online store. One of the most popular web resources on the Internet.The creation of a turnkey online store is quite laborious both in terms of time and cost. This is due to the large scale of the site, which in some cases can reach 100,000 or more pages. The most costly elements when creating this type of turnkey website is the creation of the site structure, design development, creation and implementation of online store modules. The cost of creating a turnkey online store website starts from 1000 euros.
  1. Landing page.The development of a turnkey landing page site proceeds much faster than other types of sites, as it requires the development of all elements for just one page. A relatively small amount of work involves the creation of a turnkey landing page up to 1 month (considering the complexity of the work). The cost of such a turnkey website starts from 500 euros.
  1. Business card website. It is worth clarifying that a business card site is not an analogue of a landing page. A distinctive feature is that a business card is a multifunctional and long-term resource, which is a kind of Internet showcase for your business and, on average, consists of 5-10 pages. To create a turnkey business card site, it is also necessary to develop the design, the modules, to post information about the company and fill out information about goods / services as in the case of the landing page. The cost of developing a turnkey business card site starts from 700 euros.
  1. Directory site. This type of Internet resource is similar to an online store in terms of the purpose and functionality of placement. The difference is that the directory site does not have a payment function. In most cases, this type of resource is required by companies in order to sell complex products or to give the buyer the opportunity to study the characteristics, look at the photographs. The cost of a turnkey directory site is from 800 euros.
  1. Informational portal. Quite a difficult, complex task in which the interaction of several specialists is required. The development of an Internet portal takes much more time than the creation of a regular website. This type of Internet resource is distinguished by the development and implementation of a large number of functions necessary for interacting with users. The purpose of creating information portals is to enable the user to find an answer to their question on a specific topic. The cost of a turnkey information portal starts from 1000 euros

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