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Price for creation online store

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Website development for an online store, whose cost is largely depend on the scale of the functionality, is a very laborious process. Despite this, prices can vary significantly, and along with prices, quality can also vary.

How to calculate prices for online store development?

Today, you have three main options for creating a website for an online store:

How to calculate prices for online store development?

  • Self-development of a website using various website builders. This method is quite real, cheap, but fraught with many risks.

  • Freelance: This method is already better, but more expensive and also not entirely reliable, because there is no absolute guarantee that you will find a professional specialist.

  • Web Studio: The most expensive option, but the most reliable.

Of course, if you have some knowledge and an aspiration, you can try to create a website for an online store on your own. However, if business and income are your priority, we advise you to order a turnkey "online store" website, the price of which will be much more profitable than you think.

Why is it worth ordering an online store website from a professional IT company?

Website development for an online store, and of course its price includes a fairly large list of tasks. Let's take a look at what a professional studio has to offer:

  • In-depth analysis of your niche and competitors: not every freelancer can offer you a good, detailed analysis, and even more, it is very difficult to do it by yourself.

  • A comprehensive and systematic method of creating a website: in a qualified studio, a whole team of specialists will work on your project, which in the right interaction, will give the best result.

  • Individuality and exclusivity are exactly what distinguishes a good web company from the rest.

  • The legal side of the issue: cooperation is based on a contract, which minimizes any risks, since all the details are not only discussed, but also documented.

You can create a website for online store, which price will be justified, only by contacting professionals. In Studio Webmaster, as in any other professional IT studio, the price for creating a website for an online store starts from 1800 € on average. The final price is determined by the individuality of each project.

What affects the cost for website development for an online store?

A turnkey online store's price depends on many factors. Let's analyze the most important ones:

  1. The first thing that a competent web agency usually does is to draw up a technical specification. The more detailed and clearer it is, the faster and better the process of website development will proceed. It is also necessary for the client, as he will definitely understand what he is paying for.

  2. Search analysis is a very important stage, as it allows you to properly organize the structure of the site for its further promotion. If you do a good analysis, you can get the most understandable and convenient site for your target audience.

  3. Creation of a prototype or sketch of a site: at this stage, you came up and develop your ideas. The prototype is good in that it allows you to better work out the logic of the site, which is more difficult to do in the presence of a design that can distract from the main thing - how convenient it is to interact with the blocks of the site.

  4. Hosting is very important for a good download speed and normal continuous site activity. In this case, the main criterion when choosing is not the price, but the quality, because this is not something worth saving on.

  5. Domain name: the price often depends on the registration area. It is important to remember that you cannot buy an address at all, but only rent it. Hence, it is important to remember about lease renewals, otherwise you could lose your site.

Pay attention! The domain name in your geographic area will be easier to promote.

  1. It is important to choose a management system (CMS), you can manage a functionality needed for your store with. There are a number of systems that are suitable even for very large online stores. In this case, you will need to pay for a license, but there is another option. Our studio can develop an individual CMS, which will be much more convenient and simpler.

  2. Website design: the price of a design for turnkey online store depends on its type:

  • Template - created according to a ready-made template, has a lower cost;

  • Exclusive design - created from scratch and is completely individual, costs more.

    The design cost also includes its adaptation for various devices, like mobile phone and tablet.

  1. Programming and layout mainly depend on the volume of work and the complexity of the design. The price is calculated in proportion to the specialist's working hours.

  2. Content: the cost directly depends on the number of pages. At this stage, a copywriter is involved in the work, whose working hours are also included in the cost of the service.

  3. Testing is also an important phase at which you should not save money, otherwise you will have to test the correctness of the layout and functions on different platforms by yourself. Of course, you can decline this step, but it is a precise indicator of the result.

  4. SEO promotion: talking about online store, its creation is especially advisable in conjunction with promotion. After all, the main task of any store is to attract and expand the target audience, and subsequently income.

If you offer a great product, then your online store requires you to create not only a beautiful, but also a well-optimized website, a stage that also includes the price of this service.

What affects the cost for website development for an online store?

As you could understand, the cost of creating a turnkey online store website really depends on many factors. Almost every stage involves a specialist, who performs work of different complexity. Of course, you can decline some stages for reducing the price, but this does not guarantee you the same success as with an integrated approach to solving the problem.

Website development for an online store presupposes a high level of professionalism and experience, and your positive feedback is the best price for us! We are focused on results and this is our main advantage.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about website development for an online store

① What is the specificity of an online store?❓

🗹 An online store is a more complex and large-scale site. Usually contains numerous pages and requires the development of more complex functionality.

⓶ What is included in the service?❓

🗹 Website development for an online store and its price include a fairly large list of tasks:
  • Search analysis;
  • Prototyping;
  • Hosting;
  • CMS development;
  • Design development;
  • Programming and layout;
  • Testing;
  • Website promotion.

③ What benefits will I get from creating an online store in Studio Webmaster?❓

🗹 Cooperation with a professional studio is made on the basis of a contract, which minimizes risks. As a result of working with our studio, you will receive a high-quality and functional online store on time.

⓸ How much does it cost to create a turnkey online store?❓

🗹 Prices for creating an online store in Studio Webmaster start from 1800 €.
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