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Landing page development cost

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Landing page may seem like a very simple site, but you need to have certain skills, both technical and marketing, to create it. Therefore, the price of a landing page site depends not only on the list of tasks, but also on the professionalism and experience of the developer.

What is a landing page good for and is it worth saving on its development?

First, let's define what a landing page is and how it differs from any other site.

What is a landing page good for and is it worth saving on its development?

The landing page is a page designed to call the user to one specific action, and the action can be completely different: commercial, social or informative. The most important thing is that this call has to be as clear and simple as possible. To do this, you need to create a simple but attractive design and especially with the necessary button. It is important that the user immediately understands why he came to your landing page. Just in this case, the action you need will be performed. In other words, the user will buy something or subscribe to the newsletter, or accept an invitation to an event, etc.

We would like to note that a landing page can exist independently, as a one-page site, or be part of any other site. In other words, if there is a clear appeal, it's already a landing page. This is perhaps the most useful page.

In terms of cost, the price of a landing page is not as high as, for example, for an online store, card website or a catalog site, which have a larger number of pages and are more complex in functionality.

Despite the simplicity of this type of web resource, not everyone can create it. In pursuit of "improvements", non-professional developers very often create not simple and working landing pages, but pages with intrusive and useless calls to action, unnecessary long texts and a bunch of annoying icons.

What determines the cost of developing a landing page?

The cost of developing a landing page site is following the next stages:

  • Analysis

At this step, it is necessary to clearly define your goal, because landing is most useful exactly when you have clearly decided on what you are selling or offering. We also study the competitors of your niche in order to present your product to users in the best way.

  • Prototyping

Here we are developing the layout of the future one-page site. We design and work out the structure and logic of the landing site.

  • The main process

As structure has been determined, now it is necessary to correctly fill in the site. It is important to create an attractive and memorable design, write tenacious but simple text and correctly formulate an appeal. After all the accents are set, it remains to make an adaptive layout for all types of devices.

  • Analytics

At the end, we set up analytics systems (Yandex.Metrika or Google Analytics). This is necessary in order to track user experience and page performance. This is something optional, but very useful, so we recommend enabling it. This is how you will know when and how to improve your landing page.

Landing page types

Mostly, the landing page should be consistent, understandable, simple, but catchy. But this does not mean that all landing pages are similar to each other. The structure and especially the design, color accents and special "marks" depend on the type of landing. So, there are 4 of them:

  1. Product landing page is designed to turn the user into a buyer. On such a page, you should definitely find all the necessary data about the product and, of course, a high-quality image of this product. This landing page is made on the principle of a product card in an online store, but it should be more "inviting" and must have a "Buy" button.

  2. A service landing page is similar to a product landing page, with the only difference being that instead of a product, it sells a service. Instead of product data, here we will see a detailed description of the service with an "Order" button.

  3. The subscription landing page is very "tricky" but useful. It is more tempting because it does not oblige you to buy and, therefore, spend money. However, by subscribing, the user automatically becomes a potential customer. Subsequently, you can already "seduce" him with your product or services. When subscribing, a user usually has to provide some personal information and in order for him to do this, the landing page must offer some kind of bonuses, discounts on the first purchase or gifts.

  4. Brand landing pages are quite rare and most often do not contain usual appeals, but their purpose is emotional attachment. Something similar to a subscription, most often here you can find out about new products of the company. Such a landing page can be a great addition to any brand, and can also be effectively used in SMM promotion.

Landing page types

Depending on your business, you can order several landing pages, because such a page is most often intended for a specific category of target audience. Thus, sometimes it may be more expedient and beneficial to have multiple landing-pages that will be responsible for different types of requests. Thus, you can increase your target audience and get a much better income.

Benefits of creating a landing page in a professional IT studio

First, creating a landing page is a great way to increase sales, and then you win your money back very quickly. But in order to really achieve the wanted results, it is advisable to order this service from professional developers. This solution comes with many benefits, for example:

  • High quality is determined by a special approach to work. Serious IT companies do a marketing analysis, before the development itself.

  • A team of diverse specialists will give you better results than a “multitask” specialist. Also, the team usually has a team leader who will ensure the coherence of the workflow, which guarantees you a quality result on time.

  • Experience is one of the foundations of a good IT company, as talent alone is not always enough. In this area, every idea must be tested.

  • The contractual basis for ordering the service provides guarantees to minimize possible risks.

At Studio Webmaster, we can create a landing page, which price will meet your expectations in terms of quality and functionality. On average, our prices range from €220 to €990.


🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about landing page

① What is a landing page?❓

🗹 Landing page is a web page that is created to call users to a specific action, purchase, accept invitations to events, sign up for a newsletter, and more.

⓶ Why is it worth ordering the creation of a landing page?❓

🗹 Landing page development is very profitable, since the price of the service pays off in a very short time. In addition, landing is a great solution for quickly launching a business.

③ What price of a one-page website or turnkey landing page do you offer?❓

🗹 The prices for the landing page in Studio Webmaster are as follows:
  • Start – de la 220 €;
  • Optimal – de la 440 €;
  • Business – de la 680 €;
  • Premium – de la 990 €.

⓸ How can I order landing page development?❓

🗹 You can order a one-page website (landing), the price of which will suit you, by phone (+373) 60 106 666 or by clicking the button ”Order” on the service page.
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