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What is a corporate site?

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A corporate website is a website created to represent a brand on the Internet. Such a site is intended to familiarize oneself with the basics, principles and, very often, the novelties of a particular brand.

What does a corporate website contain?

It is a site containing all sorts of information about a brand or company. A corporate website can be compared to a brand book, because it contains information such as the history of the brand, its mission and goals. In addition, as in the brand book, the visual component plays an important role. A good corporate website should express the corporate identity, contain a logo and, in principle, have a flawless design. In addition to these elements, this kind of site may contain:

  • product information, such as manufacturing process or detailed description;

  • presentation about company events;

  • various certificates, diplomas, letters of thanks from partners or just customer reviews;

  • information about CEO and employees.

In addition, we can say, that a corporate website is a kind of blog with news about the company's activities or a presentation of new products.

Why is it worth ordering the creation of a corporate website?

Why is it worth ordering the creation of a corporate website?

A corporate website is something very useful for any kind of company: famous, large, small, one that is already popular or wants to become popular. Why is that?. Because this site serves a number of very important goals:

  • Firstly, it is a very important information portal. Your product, service, brand should always be heard. It is very important to inform site visitors about new products, to speak about different interesting and useful things. In business, relevance is very important, and for this, you always need to be in the field of vision of your potential customers.

  • Secondly, a corporate website is an indicator of image and reputation. Once created an image, you must maintain it. You become more recognizable and increase the level of trust of your audience, this way. A corporate website can become an emotional funnel, which in turn guarantees success. Remember, you are not selling a product, but an emotion.

  • Third, you can build or expand your partner base. There is nothing much to say here - if you want to become bigger, attract big ones. For this, it is important not only to create a tenacious image, but also to customize well the contact section and feedback form.

  • Fourth, with the help of a corporate website, you can find new employees. It is very convenient and, most importantly, it is profitable both in terms of time and costs. It is enough just to create a section with the necessary information and an appeal for future employees.

  • Fifth, but not last, a corporate website is also suitable for sale. This is not its main function, but why not. It is important to integrate this feature intelligently. If you are promoting your product or service, why not invite your visitor to buy or order it. This is logical and, most importantly, profitable. However, you do not need to be intrusive, because there is an online store created especially for sales.

What is the basis for creating corporate websites in a professional IT studio?

What is the basis for creating corporate websites in a professional IT studio?

The development process can generally be divided into 3 stages:

First stage – Analysis

We analyze your business, its purpose, advantages and possible disadvantages. Also, what is very importantly, we analyze your competitors. In order to offer something exclusive and to present yourself and your brand in the best possible way, you need to know many things. What does this mean? It is important to know who has already introduced different innovations, what "tricks" came up with and how some of them achieved high results. In our case, the biggest advantage is exclusivity. It's very simple: if you want to lead the TOP, offer something that no one else has, or do it like no one else has done.

Second stage – Technical

First, a technical task is drawn up. Further, following this plan of tasks, we develop a prototype, and then the design of the site. At this stage, programming and layout play an important role. In the context of layout, the site also adapts to the main types of devices like smartphones and tablets.

Third stage – Final

At this stage remains to test and launch the site. After the launch, it would be advisable to order promotion service, it can be SEO promotion, SMM service or setting up contextual advertising.


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🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about corporate website

① What is a corporate website?❓

🗹 A corporate site is an image site for a brand or company. Typically, contains information about the brand, products and services of the company. May also contain buy or order buttons and recruitment pages.

⓶ Why does my business need a corporate website?❓

🗹 Such a site can be an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness, popularizing the products or services provided by it, and attracting partners.

③ How much does it cost to create a corporate website?❓

🗹 At Studio Webmaster, prices for a corporate website start at €1000.

⓸ How to order this service?❓

🗹 You can order corporate website development by phone number (+373) 60 106 666.
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