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How much E-mail newsletter costs?

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E-mail marketing is one of the most popular, effective and still the most price affordable types of advertising on the Internet. This is an excellent opportunity for millions of people from the business environment to maintain a constructive relationship with customers and conduct effective advertising campaigns.

There are several reasons why this type of promotion, despite the use of outdated email, is still an effective tool. It should be taken into account when choosing the right channels of communication on the Internet.

First, it should be noted that the mailbox on the Global Web is the most common and widely known technology on the Internet.

Speed is another characteristic of e-mail newsletter campaign at the best price. From the moment the idea arises to the conclusion of its implementation, only a few days pass, and, if you want, an hour. In addition, there is a possibility of distribution that allows hundreds of thousands of messages to be delivered in a matter of minutes. Of course, at this point, you're probably wondering what the costs are — after all, emails are sent for free. But if you want to use the ability of segmenting and targeting your distributions and tracking the actions of recipients, as well as having access to other, more advanced functions, such as e-mail personalization, you should use paid email marketing systems.

The main tasks of the described communication channel include the construction and maintenance of customer relations and the sale of goods or services. E-mail newsletter campaign — provides high personalization of the messages sent — at this point the price of the question you will enjoy! Using segmentation, you can divide your recipient base into smaller groups, taking into account their interests, gender or place of residence. As a result, e-mails are sent with the exact selected content according to the preferences of the recipients.

Email marketing is primarily a tool for building long-term relationships with the clientele. Of course, it should not be confused with spam, as it refers to the concept of marketing permissions, according to which the recipient of the message has to agree to receive it.

Sales and email newsletter campaign at a democratic cost are the most important elements in any business. Entrepreneurs know that without effective marketing there will be no effective sales.

Do you need a such newsletter?

That is why, today there is an overload of information, consumers are looking for something specially intended for them, something that is developed for them. They don't need differing messages or not meeting their needs offers. They don’t have time for that. Convenience means they're asking for interesting content, and they don't have to search it on their own. It is a unique opportunity for the company to be closer to regular customers and successfully acquire new ones already interested in this particular proposal. Users love electronic newsletters, and this trend is growing steadily. By placing an invitation to subscribe to the content on your website, you can see by yourself. The success of further communication also depends on an interesting form of registration. On the other hand, effective promotion and systematic building of relationships with the customer leads to increased sales and business development.

The most efficient way of selling

Of course, there are people who say that you should focus only on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. However, good specialists can earn hundreds of thousands of lei on the corresponding sales funnels containing several e-mail messages. It remains to find out how much email newsletter cost? Very inexpensive indeed!

It should be remembered that social media is not a tool owned by an entrepreneur. This is the site of the owner of this portal, who can delete this portal at any time. And even if such a scenario is purely speculative, however, always exists such a danger.

The situation is different with email addresses, which, if are properly collected and stored, can form the marketing base of the company for a very long time.

That is why you should start with the legal basis of the properly building an email database.

First, think about how all these emails will be stored.

These methods include:

  • creating of own database of collected emails in an internal Excel file,

  • using a CRM tool to manage contacts via e-mail with clients,

  • saving data in the cloud, such as GSuite or Dropbox, in various formats,

  • aggregating data in the mailbox, such as Gmail, Outlook, using external providers of the email marketing system (e.g., MailerLite, MailChimp, Freshmail, GetResponse or Active Campaign).

Non-standard tool

You already know that email is a non-standard tool in your marketing activities. Now you need to solve 2 more problems. First, for what it can be used, and secondly, how can it be properly implemented? Let's try to answer the first question right now.

E-mail newsletter campaign can be used for almost any marketing activity for a low price. This means to increase the loyalty of existing customers and to attract new ones, to create a positive image of the firm, to increase sales, to inform the market about new products and to create a wider range of products. Of course, all actions must be consistent and integrated with others, and ideally, they should be combined with other advertising campaigns.

The first and most important task to complete is the establishment of a subscriber base. After all, it is often the key to the success of your marketing activities in part of the planned systematic use of e-mail. Remember that while you can buy the system, ideas, creations, and everything else related to email marketing, you should have your own database. Of course, soon there will be people who will say that the base can be bought. Surely, the question is, whether your activity will have anything to do with permitting marketing. Will they be effective and will not bring more problems than good (for example, in the form of spam complaints)? Therefore, it is very important to build your own subscriber base on your own, to which you can send well-thought-out marketing activities by e-mail. Such a base is also your target group. After all, email marketing will allow you to know their preferences very accurately.

The second point to consider is the type of data you want to collect. Of course, most marketers will say that the more data the better, and of course, they'll be partially right. However, all studies show that the more difficult the form is, the fewer people want to fill it out. Critical in this case is the form with the number of fields bigger than 7, for which the percentage of deviation is more than 90%.

Therefore, it would be good to limit itself to receiving two basic data: e-mail, without which it is impossible to conduct E-marketing, and the name of the subscriber. Knowing the name, you can easily personalize your mail, that is, contact the recipient by hisher initials. In addition, in this way it is possible to find out the gender of your recipients, properly segment the database and, thus, modify the message.

The main conclusions

The e-mail newsletter software for the best price helps marketers send news bulletins.

Through e-mail programs, users can create and manage recipient’s databases, and create segments based on data collected and the behavior of recipients.

These tools can be used to develop and customize e-mail messages, or through easy-to-use visual editors and ready-made e-mail templates.

Mailing programs that integrate with CRM tools or e-commerce systems can extend the capacity of the mail platform segmentation.

Electronic-marketing is often a function of marketing automation tools. This category includes products that are mainly solutions for e-marketing and do not offer a complete set of multichannel automation.

  • To qualify for electronic-marketing, the product should:

  • Be able to create and send emails using the editor.

  • Have a library of email templates.

  • Store, track, segment and manage lists of email recipients.

  • Store, track, segment and manage lists of email recipients.

  • Do not make additional marketing automation features available in channels other than e-mail as their core function.

Do you consider email newsletter the most acceptable option for you to inform your potential customers? We at Studio Webmaster will help you to realize this idea!