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Price for SEO analysis

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SEO-audit is a comprehensive analysis of the website in terms of its visibility in Google and Yandex. The purpose of the audit is to prepare it in such a way that it can be displayed in the search results for as many phrases as possible by potential clients at the highest positions. You wonder how much the cost of the site audit is? In this article you will find out in detail about this and a lot of other things!

What should an SEO - audit of a website include?

Performing an SEO-audit is desirable at the best price. It allows to diagnose a number of errors and risk areas that should be taken into account in the process of optimizing the Internet resource, as well as its further promotion in search engines (mainly Google and Yandex). An SEO audit should be very extensive and detailed because there are 200 factors (and thousands of their options) that affect Google's positioning. This indicates which factors are priorities and which errors should be deleted in the first place.

What is the purpose of SEO-auditing?

What you are going to read may seem unusual to you, but the purpose of auditing is not really about fixing the page. His goal is to improve business. After all, it's not about a website that is in line with Google or Yandex recommendations. This page will not help you attract clients. Technically a well-prepared online resource is only the first step in attracting customers by search engines. In addition to the technical aspects, SEO-audit should compare the design of the website and its structure with the current traffic strategy from Google and Yandex.

Site audit can take different forms, including different prices. For example, with a focus on positioning issues as well as on usability or security. SEO-audit of the website is the basis for optimization and promotion in the context of search marketing (in particular in the Google search engine).

SEO (search optimization) is an area of Internet marketing aimed at increasing visibility and getting traffic from conventional (i.e., natural) search results (as opposed to PPC SEM, i.e., ads in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct they pay for.)

If you really want to increase the volume and quality of traffic from the usual search results, SEO-audit is the right decision.

SEO-audit of site: What does the cost depend on?

Short answer to this question: the price of SEO-auditing is most often dependent on:

  • the volume of work carried out during the audit;

  • promotion of the page;

  • page Size (number of URL addresses);

  • the experience of an audit company.

Generally speaking, the site analysis is usually performed at a price acceptable for the client. Professional SEO agencies do not provide accurate price lists or even partial prices. The audit examination, as is common, is individually assessed.

How much the price of the SEO-audit should be?

Different agencies engaged in the site audit have their prices, even with similar level of activities. Usually SEO-audit is divided into several parts: strategic part and content analysis, as well as the technical part. It's better to act like that, because not always each of these sections are necessary. So, it doesn't make sense to bear the costs of the entire audit when a client's party needs an audit only in one of the areas.

How much is the cost of a strategic part of SEO-auditing?

The strategic part of the audit is primarily an analysis of keywords, competition and planning of the correct structure of the site. It is on the basis of this information that the optimal structure of the site and its content are planned.

As part of the strategic part of the site audit (when the cost is optimal):

  • all key phrases that are used by potential customers interested in the offer (directly and indirectly) are indicated;

  • the structure is being prepared to generate maximum natural traffic (based on previously selected phrases);

  • there is a demonstration of how to create individual website content relevant to SEO (title, description, titles, text content)

  • demonstration of how to optimize existing content and create new ones;

  • the analysis is made of the quality and legitimacy of the indexing of individual sub-pages.

How much is the cost of technical SEO-auditing?

The technical part consists mainly of errors related to the possibility of indexing the page and its effective work while scanning Google robots.

The technical part of the audit requires:

  • analysis of scans by Google and Yandex robots;

  • planning the correct indexing of the page (which of them should be visited by robots);

  • creation of a redirect map of unused addresses;

  • check of internal linking;

  • analysis of the site for the correct semantics of the HTML5 code;

  • verification or suggestions for the use of structured data;

  • analysis of the reversal speed;

  • research other technical elements important from the SEO point of view (use of graphics, language versions, mobile versions, tag implementation);

  • recommendations for eliminating all errors.

Is it worth the cost? The technical audit of the site has its price. This is a very valuable source of information about the state of your business. You will learn from it all the mistakes that prevent you from achieving better results. You will receive an individual analysis of data about your business and recommendations for further actions that will allow you to finally have a positive effect on your presence in Google.

A well-prepared and thoroughly implemented SEO-audit will allow you to increase the efficiency of attracting customers from Google and other search engines. This is an investment that can really increase the turnover of your company! It is also necessary to avoid carefully checking the correctness of your site.

The competent specialists will show you how to eliminate technical errors that interfere with the development of the site. They will also recommend how to optimize its structure and content in order to attract as many customers as possible.

After SEO-audit is completed, you will receive a full report containing all the information and plans for further action. The document will be written in a simple and understandable language.

What will the business gain from implementing audit recommendations?

  • The website will be displayed for many business-related phrases that potential customers enter (both general and special, characterized by a high level of sales).

  • Traffic on the website will become more valuable – the website will visit people who are actually looking for the service / product.

  • The brand will become more recognizable.

  • Thanks to keyword analysis, you will be able to get to know your customers better – phrases tell them what they need and what intentions are behind them.

Cooperation in the conduct of the SEO-audit at a democratic price is divided into several stages:

  1. An analysis of the current situation on the site - checking what words already appear in Google results, the study of current traffic. Conversation aimed at discussing the current business objectives of the client, the sales model, the types of distribution, etc. Thanks to the acquaintance with the business, a team of professionals can offer the best solutions that will affect the increase in traffic efficiency thanks to free search results.

  2. Conducting a thorough analysis of keywords and checking the client's competition. The result of the analysis is a table with all the keywords and additional information about these words (total search volume, cost per click, seasonality).

  3. Preparation of the proposed structure of the site based on the analysis of keywords.

  4. Preparation of internal links schemes.

  5. The offer of the main optimization elements for each of the pages in the structure.

  6. Checking the website for the main technical errors related to SEO.

  7. Preparation of blog entries.

  8. Preparation of the proposed places for the publication of sponsorship articles.

  9. Discussion about the audit of the site and price with the customer, presentation of proposed solutions, possible structural corrections and answers to question

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