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the cost of mobile apps promotion

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Nowadays, there are millions of mobile apps on Google Play, the App Store, and the Amazon Appstore. So, it is safe to say that competition is quite serious. These applications accompany all modern people who actively use smartphones. Their functions and possibilities of use are becoming more diverse. And the biggest difficulty with any mobile application is not about developing it, but with a well-managed marketing campaign. At the same time, the price of promotion of mobile apps should be reasonable.

It is not surprising that the time that users spend on their phones is increasing every year. The average smartphone owner has about 75-80 applications, but actively uses 25-30 per month. Last year, Android users downloaded 108.5 billion apps from the Google Play store. Maybe you just created it yourself and are wondering how to effectively attract a potential user? That's where mobile app marketing comes in handy. You can read in this article about the methods and how to promote the application (price is very reasonable).

The Mobile App Market and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to spend more time at home and use the internet more actively, which means we're downloading more applications. The result is significant growth in the global application market in 2020. The change can be seen both in the statistics of the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

An analysis of the Buy Shares website shows that last year, android device users downloaded 29% (108.5 billion apps) more than a year earlier. Revenue and the number of downloads in the App Store also increased.

Statistics show that iOS users downloaded more than 26 billion apps in the first 9 months of 2020. This is 16% higher than in the same period of 2019.

To prevent your app from getting lost in someone else's maze, it needs to be more than just well-designed. Your task is also to make it as recognizable as possible. In recent years, we have seen a tendency in searching, viewing, and installing from conventional results to paid marketing channels.

Marketing of mobile applications – selected promotion methods

Opening of a dedicated website

In order to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities, it is worth creating a website dedicated to the application. A website doesn't have to be extensive (not necessary to have many subpages). All you need is one page or a simple landing page. The absence of a page causes restrictions in the choice of advertising campaigns. It would be necessary to give up the campaign in the context-media network, that gives you more options to choose where to show your Ads.

Starting a blog

If you already have an application website, you can create a blog on it. You can share information about the functionality of your application, the technology of its implementation, present the direction of development or describe the upcoming updates. The blog is an excellent tool to respond to user needs and search queries.

Using social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki - each of the available channels is characterized by different styles of communication with the user and different forms of advertising. However, the best solution when installing apps is Facebook Mobile App Ads. Ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network and have a direct link to Google Play and the App Store.

Inviting influential individuals to cooperate

In the midst of preparing to enter the market with a new application, and you care about the reaching and increasing brand awareness? You can invite popular personalities from the world of show business, television or sports who will test the application and share their opinions.

Advertisements of mobile applications

If there is a desire to increase the number of downloads and interactions with your mobile application, Google offers 3 main options. It is possible to use a universal application campaign, an advertisement for the installation of a mobile application in a search network and on YouTube, as well as an advertisement to increase interest in the mobile app. You can read more about this below.

Promotion of mobile applications

If the business goal is to download the app (rather than redirect it to a mobile site), use mobile app ads. They work on devices that match the operating system, on which the promoted application is not yet installed, and encourage users to download it. They can be displayed in a search engine and reach people typing certain keywords. Ads that promote downloaded apps are different from traditional text ads. The app name, icon, and ratings are downloaded from the Google Play Store. The second (wider) way of targeting is advertising in the Admob network, the partnership applications that offer their advertising spaces.

You can target users in the same way as in the Google Ad Network, that is:

  • selected topics,

  • remarketing,

  • interests,

  • demographic data of users,

  • specific applications.

The last option is to include incentives to download the application in the video content broadcast on YouTube. So, the promotion of applications is different, but the total cost should not scare anyone.

Sometimes users install several applications that run once and then forget about them. This is where the above-mentioned awareness-raising campaign will be useful. The purpose of the campaign is to remind the user of the existence of the application and encourage him to perform a certain action. For example, use additional paid features or remind the user to terminate running processes in the application.

The universal app campaign offers an automated campaign both for the context-media network and for the search network. Based on the settings of applications in Google Play promote the installation of the application in the search, advertising campaign (banner campaigns in GDN) and YouTube networks.

The fact that targeting and assigning rates are in most cases automated helps a lot: you just need to link to the app, create up to 4 lines of ad text (not necessarily video) and set the maximum bet you want to pay for the installation of the application (CPA). In this type of ad, conversions will be counted automatically, and the campaign optimization will be done using Google's algorithms. So, you can count on a considerable amount of time savings.

Get to know your users!

Our lives have moved to the Internet, and the phones have become the time organizers and suppliers of fun from all industries and fields. Mobile app marketing is now an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to attract users and encourage them to download the app.

Have you thought of ordering the promotion of mobile applications for an excellent price? Studio Webmaster is always happy to help you in such well-intentioned endeavors!

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