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How much cost development of a chatbot

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The topic of Chat-bots is being raised on the IT market more often. The development of technologies for understanding and processing natural language and access to a huge amount of data has resulted to the fact that more and more companies are introducing bots in different fields. In this article, we will tell you what you need to remember when developing a chat-bot — because the price of the service is appropriate!

In chat-bots, you can assign a number of conveniences that will lay the foundation for a brand-specific conversation interface. As a result, the client gets a much more individual approach, and the company has the opportunity to provide it.

Relevant summary

The first step is to identify areas in which you want the bot to work. The developers agree with the client in the tasks and the idea of using a chat room. Based on the objectives of the project, consultants and analysts ask the right questions, in order to understand the tasks and to know the target audience.

Concept and UX

Developing the basic elements of a chatbot is often the longest step in the entire process. Right here should be taken numerous decisions about the structure of the bot, its functions and effects. At this stage, you should also consider whether a chat room should have clearly defined scenarios or you can leave more control to the user. This affects the interface: The user has the right to choose buttons - the so-called Quick Reply, or just to introduce questions and answers. In the last case, it is necessary to use NLP, that is, the processing of texts in the natural language.

The most important thing at this stage is to focus on the user experience and design the process to be as user-friendly and natural as possible. And the cost of developing a chat-bot would be optimal.

Storytelling concept

Knowing the structure and concept of the chat-bot, you can come up with a background dedicated to this brand. Depending on its tone and character, to create a chat-bot story, related to the image and campaign.

Programming and integration

The next step will be the programming of the chat-bot according to design. It is important, that the technology used to make a bot, is user-friendly and modern, but also allow integration with other tools such as CRM.

Tests and optimization

Once a chat-bot is created, it is necessary to test its work and functionality. The developers must check all system to be logical and coherence, and productivity tests will show any areas for optimization.

Launch and promotion

The launch of the chat-bot should be carefully considered, and it should be preceded by respective promotion. An important element in creating chat-bot is a well-developed strategy for promoting, most often on Facebook, and directing traffic to a conversation. The chat-bot itself is a tool, and the number of users depends on the social media reach.

Administration and services

After the introduction of the chat-bot, it is necessary to control and support it.

The analysis of the user traffic and the productivity of the servers, on which the chat-bot it should be conducted by the brand itself or by the developers of the bot.

Key insights

The process of creating a chat-bot combines elements of strategy, technology and

promotion. Smooth cooperation at each stage allows specialists to create brilliant projects that bring great success to the creators and brands. It is essential to help you look with fresh eyes on the most modern method of promoting the company. Chat-bots are an idea for effective customer service and maintaining contact with the recipient. They support planned campaigns, send notifications instead of traditional remarketing, and run online contests.

In your company definitely can be found an area that you can develop with the help of a specially designed chat-bot. In order to achieve this goal, contact the manager of Studio Webmaster. You will get an irreplaceable assistant in whatever area where serious communication with many people is required. The development of a chat-bot at our company is at a price that suits everyone.

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