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Who Needs Inexpensive Hosting?

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Everything costs money – including the disk space of the hosting server. If you need a file storage service to make your website or e-mail work, you pay for them. After all, you can buy an inexpensive hosting without problems.

The choice is a very comfortable situation. When there are so many offers on the market that you can choose from dozens of free hosting services and hundreds or even thousands of paid ones, it is very exciting. After all, competition – even in the context of free solutions – always means progress and choices between good and the best. Anyway, it's time to choose free or paid, but low-cost website hosting. The question arises: which one?

Who doesn't have to choose?

Well, since there are thousands of paid solutions and dozens of free ones, how to choose the best or at least a satisfactory option?

People who don't send e-mails, don't have websites or online stores, and aren't at odds with the internet don't face this dilemma. But these people are fewer and fewer. Those for whom the Internet is just entertainment, also do not have serious dilemmas. They will definitely choose a free e-mail account. And in some cases, they will also turn to a free blogging platform as it fully meets their expectations. There is a third group for which there is no problem of "pay or not pay" – these are large companies. Their work is always based on various internal and external IT systems, which must be secure and stable. And so they will always be willing to buy hosting inexpensively.

To pay or not to pay for hosting?

That's the question. Fortunately, the answer is simple: it depends on the circumstances. If you still don't know, think about hosting in terms of quality and need.

  • Why do you need inexpensive reliable hosting?
  • Do you have the opportunity to choose a free solution?
  • What can happen if you choose free hosting?
  • Why does someone give you something for free?

A few accurate questions, the same number of answers, and you will immediately know which option is best for you or your company.

Why do you need a hosting?

Do you just need an e-mail address to send friends photos of your aquarium? In this case, all you need is a free address on one of the popular sites.

If you are planning a career as a blogger, but know that your readers from all over the world in the first 10 years will fit in the elevator, then this time the free solution will work best. Google and many other less popular resources on the Internet offer free blog hosting and even give you the opportunity to create a web address for it with a specific design and functionality. As long as your fame on the blog does not surpass the result, this should be enough.

However, what do you do if you have a professional blog and e-mail that you want to have complete control over? Or did the superior instruct you to create and manage your company's website? Or will your company use advanced software solutions that require stability, security, as well as a sufficiently large transfer and access to databases? In these and many other cases, when professional qualities come to the first plan, paid hosting that is inexpensive –is the best solution.

Can you choose free hosting?

The answer to this question is brief. Solutions for free hosting are minimalistic solutions. You have plenty of room for your e-mail letters, so you don't get upset, but if you're downloading too many pictures, you'll have to start removing your old messages in a few months. The blog will work, but it is unlikely that he will be able to handle a million hits in an hour to download your last gigabyte memory record.

And you will definitely not will be able to place a large portal on free hosting. After all, it definitely does not support databases that are necessary, for example, manage products, services or contractors. You will need inexpensive hosting for the website.

What happens when you choose free hosting?

Let's consider some very possible scenarios. Your blog already has 20 entries plus a large and long story broken down into fragments. Last entry came on Tuesday, and Wednesday... the page disappeared. What's the matter? Apparently, the owner of the site on which your blog was working said to himself, "Wow, I'd rather do painting." And he deleted everything.

You go to your website because apparently a friend has left a comment, but before you see your own work, you first close one announcement, then second and third, and then remove the fourth one. The fifth closes the sixth, and the seventh runs away from the mouse cursor. The eighth is already starting, the ninth, and the tenth... In 5 minutes everything is ready – congratulations.

Your computer is sounding like a madman – you have ten new messages in five minutes! Maybe it's a bunch of fans. Oh, it's just spam and publicity.

Now think of any situation where someone has to try to pay for you to use something free of charge. Now imagine that he got out of bed on the wrong side, and he's having a bad day. Yes, yes, each of these situations is possible. Probably, the best solution will still be hosting for the site – the price of which will suit you.

Why is free hosting such a thing?

And this is a very interesting question, a real mystery. Still, it’s worth thinking about it for a moment. Let's start with the most common reason.

If you get a free account that someone else actually manages, they can send you a picture of their cat if they want. Is that right? Yes, it is. What if a million of these accounts were distributed? That's a million people going to get ads or other spam. Because there will always be someone who will pay for access to a million e-mail addresses. Tomorrow – another batch of advertising and spam.

What about free blog hosting? This is a great tool to promote your creativity... and the activities of the hosting provider. Because advertising or links that do not exist without your blog are an additional part of the promotional material for the parent website.

Now think about, perhaps, the most popular e-mail account from Google. How many times have you registered on other websites with this address? In how many commercial web resources, including online stores, do you use it? How many smartphones have e-mail addresses in a Gmail.com domain? These are all elements that tell Google where and what you do and how much you pay for it. As a result, one powerful corporation knows a lot about you: a few years ago, experts estimated the amount of information about each Google user at US$ 17. Today, this amount is higher than ever, and they know about you who you are on the Global Wide Web and what you are most willing to pay for.


Summary If what you want to put on the Internet has no special value, and you don’t mind that it can become someone's property, then free hosting is for you. And if you value privacy, ownership and security, paid hosting is the only reasonable choice.

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