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The cost of a business card website

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Before defining the factors affecting the cost of a business card site, let's define the very concept of this type of site.

So, based on the name itself, the definition suggests itself - this is your virtual business card. As in the case of regular business cards, business card sites may differ in design, however, there is a certain standard regarding content. A business card site must contain information about the company, its services and contact information. Otherwise, there may be certain variations, but remember that this is not a sales tool, such as a landing page, but more, an informative portal. As for the development, this site is the simplest, so no matter what kind of company you have, whether you have a main site or not, it is still worth ordering a business card site, because the price for such a site is small, and there are many benefits.

What is the difference between the development of a business card website, and what does the price depend on?

To understand what the development price is, it is best to compare a business card site with other types of site. In addition to the business card site, there are three other main types of sites. We invite you to familiarize yourself with each of them, from the most complex in structure and functionality to the simplest. So you can better imagine how the creation of a business card website is different and why its price is lower.

  • Online store is the most multifunctional and complex type of site. It represents an extensive and large "infrastructure". In other words, it contains many pages and functions: feedback, ordering goods, personal account, integration with 1C, and so on.

  • A corporate website is a presentation of a brand or company image on the Internet. It may contain a different number of pages, but the content, as a rule, is: information about the company and its services or goods, a section for recruiting, and sometimes call buttons ("Buy", "Order").

  • Landing page is a one-page site designed specifically to call for a specific action. Despite the fact that it contains only one page with transitions to other sections, in order to create such a site, you need to have a certain experience and taste. A site like this requires not only a developer, but also a marketer.

  • Business card site - may contain several pages, but does not require the development of special functions, since its purpose is absolutely not related to sales. The only point of contact with the user is the possible form of feedback. Despite its simplicity, the development of business card websites requires a certain amount of experience, which also includes the price.

In this case may arise a reasonable question, why then do we need such a site:

  1. This is image, prestige, it is a sign that your "Name" is worth attention. Of course, you can get away with posting information in various directories, but an attractive, neat website will leave a much better impression of your brand. And it will be even better if, in addition to this, you will have a version adaptive for mobile devices.

  2. Allows you to popularize a brand, company, firm, expand the target audience. It is worth noting here that such a site is perfect for those whose business is based on offline mode. If you have this type of business, you just need to order the creation of a business card website, believe me, its price will give your money back handsomely. Due to the fact that users will be able to specify your address at any time, find out about services and prices, you will be able to beat your competitors and get the best result.

  3. If you have, for example, an online store or a landing page, then a business card site can be an excellent source of traffic. In principle, the site is a business card, and can independently attract users from a search engine. To do this, you just need to correctly optimize the site for the search engine you need.

As you can already see, it is not so difficult to create a business card website, therefore the price is lower, however, even here some difficulties may arise, besides, if you want an exclusive design, you will definitely need a good web designer.

How are prices for a business card website calculated?

Because this type of sites is not "demanding", there are also few components that make up the price of a business card site:

  • Hosting. Our company provides this service, and for more details, contact our consultants.

  • It is important to choose a domain name so that it is sonorous in name and in the right zone.

  • Development. Our team consists of real professionals, which allows us to create such sites in a short time and with an impeccable design. Also, this includes the development of a CMS - an administrative panel you can easily manage your site with.

  • Promotion is an optional service, but you should pay attention, promotion has not damaged any site yet.

Of course, you can try to create a website on your own or contact a freelance exchange, but it is best and most profitable to choose the option "Turnkey business card website", the price is small, the timing is too, but the results are noticeable. Among other things, you can see for yourself by contacting our IT studio.

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🔎FAQ:The most popular questions about business card site's price

① What is a business card site?❓

🗹 A business card site is a simple but useful site designed to inform users about a company, its services or products, as well as containing the company's contact information.

⓶ Is a business card site worth attention and what is the cost of development?❓

🗹 Such a site is definitely worth your attention, as it does not require a lot of time and money to develop. Studio Webmaster offers prices from €300.

③ What does the price of a business card website include?❓

🗹 Hosting
  • Hosting;
  • Domain address;
  • Development;
  • Promotion (optional).

⓸ How to order a business card website?❓

🗹 You can order the creation of a business card website by calling (+373) 60-10-6666 or on the service page.
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