“Violet, red, blue!” or the rules of combining colors in web design

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It is not a secret that the color combination for the site has a great significance, and also it contributes directly to the creation of the company's corporate identity. The same model of one web page that is done in different color combinations, can be perceived by the user differently: one color combination will attract the attention, and the other one, on the contrary, will push people away, even though the other elements of the design will be the same.

In the process of creating website design part of one web page, it is important to question ourselves what emotions we want to produce: trust in your product, which means it can be bought without hesitation, or to make a “strident” accent on the promotional offer? Or, maybe it is the case to create a peaceful, trustworthy atmosphere on the site, the user being comfortable to be on the site for a long time in the search of necessary information. Before deciding on the color combinations for the site, you need to decide firstly what reaction and emotions you want to receive from the users.


Choosing the colors for the site: the main criteria for selection

The question of color selection, on its own, depends on many factors. Here, it is essentially not only to pay attention to the meaning of the color, but there are also and other factors that decide the color palette of the site:

  • theme (it means to what product or service is dedicated the resource);

  • type (online shop, corporate site, site business card, landing, and others);

  • target audience (to whom you will sell your products, services);

  • company's corporate identity.

Regarding the color combinations used for call to action buttons (order, buy, register, follow, etc.), to increase the number of conversions, there isn't a special color.

“Speaking exclusively from our practice, we get the following situation. As a rule, the visual part of the site depends on the corporate identity of the customer’s company (90%), the colors of its logo and brand book, if there is any. It means, that in order to accentuate some elements, it is used the most vivid color from the given color palette. If, for example, the color palette is monochrome or pretty pastel, to accentuate something you can add a sided shade, but its choice any way will depend on the main color combinations,” — comments Iacovleva Marina, the leader of design department in Studio Webmaster.

In this way, the selection of color palette of the site needs a complex approach and deep analysis of the field.


What role does the psychology of color play in web design?

Regarding the theme of color theory there are many articles, books, where is described the meaning of each color individually, and the rules of their interaction with each other. It's obvious that these basic characteristics are taken into account in web design, but they are used in complex with the above factors.

Because each color has its psychology, then the theme of web design will largely determine its color combination. For example, the predominance of black color talks about sophistication, style and elegance.



Blue — the color of safety, stability. It creates the atmosphere of confidence. For these qualities, it is used on medical, banking sites, for example.


If we talk about (resource dedicated to fish production), the theme itself defined the color:


Green — symbolize purity, environmental friendliness, freshness. It is used frequently in the design of the sites that are specialized in organic products, food, flowers, and others:


Red — for some people it is perceived like the color of violence, and for others — the color of passion. But, not important how you regard this color, because in the end what remains true is the fact that: the red color effectively attracts attention, that is why, it is frequently used for online shops, not as a general background, but as a way to focus users attention. Namely, on these internet resources the main task is — to sell.



In conclusion

The visual part of a web page decides many things: how much time the users will be on the site, what things will attract their attention, what and how much they will buy, will they return for the second, third time. Also, the design closely intertwines with the technical part of the question: If you had a brilliantly designed main page and category pages, this won't bring any profit if the site is loading slowly or the links of red buttons lead to inappropriate pages.

The task of each business — to bring profit, which means you don't need to underestimate the importance of the visual part of the site. That is why we recommend ordering the web design development from professionals, who can provide a portfolio with successful works and a guarantee in the form of a contract. Otherwise, you risk getting an unpopular and unprofitable resource, even if it sells really high quality goods.


Date of publication : 17.01.2020
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Craciun Marina
Marina Craciun
Leader of design department. In Studio Webamster I work since 2011. I am engaged in design development more than 12 years. I like cooking, playing badminton, I love sea. I can differ 51 shades of grey on professional level :)
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