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Types of publicity in Internet

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Types of publicity in Internet

Online advertising is one of the most profitable promotion methods. It provides a large audience reach, can be extended exclusively to targeted Internet users and at the same time bring instant results. And most importantly, placing advertisements on the Internet for a website will help to promote absolutely any business on the Internet.

Website Advertising: varieties

  • Contextual. This is a method of promotion with the help of text ads, which are placed in the search above the search results or on thematic portals. You receive the first potential customers to the site right on the day of the launch of the advertising campaign, and payment is made only for ads that were clicked. The precise targeting and fine-tuning of impressions for the website ads is by default.

  • Banner. It is a text-graphic ad that effectively attracts attention due to its interactivity (animation). With its help, you can quickly disseminate information about promotions, discounts, increase awareness, involve the audience in the company's activities.

  • Search engine promotion. Its essence is to improve the ranking of the website, and for it to start to rank high in search results. This ensures high organic traffic and a consistently high yield of the resource. Promotion in search takes on average from several months to six months, but it gives the longest-lasting effect of all possible methods of Internet marketing.

  • Social media marketing Promotion on social networks is promising for many types of entrepreneurial activity. Here you can quickly acquire followers, win the sympathy of the target audience and strengthen the reputation of the business. In addition, sales are increased with the help of social networks. For this, a marketing strategy is developed and a content plan is drawn up.

The choice of an Internet marketing tool and a platform for placing online advertising depends on the business niche and the goals that the advertising campaign should achieve. If you want to know which online promotion method is right for you, contact the Studio Webmaster and get a free qualified consultation.

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