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Let's imagine that you are in a crowded market in Abkhazia. You come near a table with mandarins, and ask the seller: “ How much does it cost?”. The seller says his/her price, when you hear from behind: “Listen sweetheart, I will give it to you more cheaply, because you are close to my soul! Will you take 5 kg?”.

Approximately, something like this happens right now on the market of landing. The freelancers that work alone try to gain your sympathy, offering a cheaper price, but at the same time no one of them can propose you a complex work, that is important in the creation of a landing page.

The most common variants of situation development when create landing page with freelancers:

  • You ask for help a designer — he/she makes everything “beautifully”, but he/she doesn't take into account the experience of users of your potential clients.

  • You ask for help a person who is responsible for publicity — he/she finds the first template that is on his/her way, steals content from TOP resources (even without your knowledge) and makes some sort of landing, promising you that the traffic will pour at the speed of a mountain stream.

  • You ask for help a copywriter — he/she writes you good texts that are selling, but he/she arranges the blocks in a totally illogical way (the copywriter isn't a marketer), in result what does the user think: “What am I doing here?”. And yes, you will receive a template, and once again a template.

Surely, not everyone has this “fortune”. But, we look upon our users' experience when working with clients. And, the situation is the following, many clients initially try to create a site using their own powers. They ask for help the specialists that have limited knowledge, but who convince beautifully the clients in their complexity. And, when in the end you receive a cheap landing, they accept the fact that such big projects need a complex approach.

Now, let's examine in detail the typical errors in the process of work with different specialists. Because, forewarned is forearmed.

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img1

Rely on a web designer

I think that this is the most common mistake. I don't know why many people believe that if a designer takes part in the creation of a site, then he/she can also write a text, edit, and invent the channel of sales. But, designers according to their nature are creative people, they don't have anything in common with your marketing CPI.

Yes, the web designer will choose the font and pictures, taking into account the trends. But, don't think that the designer will understand the needs of your target audience, and texts, which after reading them you will want to say: “I buy it, give me two!”.

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img2

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img3

There is not a single „Buy” button on the landing page for selling shoes...

Marketer — universal soldier

Yes and no. A specialist with experience theoretically can give you a goodish site: he/she will choose a thematic template from “Tilda”, will develop the structure and texts taking into account the business needs. But, using only his/her experience the marketer doesn't pay attention to the needs of a concrete target audience. One Facebook icon on the first screen  and you have lost half of your target audience if you are directed towards young people.

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img4

The first landing screen. It's doubtful, what they want to sell here: childhood, happiness, specialist's consultation or something else?

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img5 

Yes! They sell radio-controlled cars here! But, a carpet in the children's car as a gift — doubtful marketing action. 

Copywriter — for the most risky ones

If on the landing you have decided to make the accent upon appealing content, and as some kind of magic you have a copywriter who supposedly “knows everything”, as it is said the stars came together. But, here you have an example of what can happen in the end:

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img6

Let's find together the button of call to action!

But, if without jokes, Landing Page — means to not stake on design, content or something else. This means the balanced combination of visual, text, marketers tricks, technical aspects as loading speed and many others. This is a friendly and complementary work of all the above elements.

But, what about the companies?

It is important to mention that even team players meet failure. They are linked most of the times with the impossibility to find a common point. Internal competition leads to the fact that the workers are moving away from the common strategy of creating a web resource, and in result you receive the same cheap site.

And what we receive in the end, is there a solution? Absolutely yes.


  1. It is not important if you ask for help a company with experience or a freelancer, always request the portfolio. You see in it sites that according to your opinion don't have taste. Run. If you like the portfolio and you think: “I want such a site!”, then you have arrived at the correct destination. Confirmation through examples of professionalism means that you will receive the landing that you are worth  generator of leads, selling.

  2. Always specify what guarantees offer the executor. “I offer my true word” and “I promise you”, aren't considered guarantees. But, the contract regarding the services it is considered. In order to protect you as a client, we recommend concluding the contract before giving the money and to sign it only if there are indicated the types of work, the terms of realization, and it is attached the technical task which describes in detail for what and what kind of landing you need.

  3. You don't need to be lazy, when it comes to searching reviews about the executor of work. At the moment, there are so many communities on the social network, blogs and forums, that it won't be so difficult to find in Google the name/ nickname of the freelancer or the name of company to understand with whom you are working with:

Common mistakes ordering a landing page from freelancers. img7

  1. The price of services don't need to be for you a point of depart. Because “cheap” in the world of freelancers that work alone — it is practically the synonym of word “non-qualitative”, and “expensive” when ordering complex services not always means the thing that you want.


Rememberportfolio, reviews and guarantees will always tell more about the executor than the price of his/her services.


If the company is on the market for more than 10 years, has many titles and is not ashamed to show “the fruits” of many years of work — this surely is a positive fact. The one who has a high position on the market pays a lot of attention to his/her reputation. In such a company, the processes of internal communication are on level, it is done the control of quality on each step, and the specialists from designer, programming and marketing department don't try to demonstrate which work is more important. Because, without heading towards a common goal, it is not possible to build a good business for many years. And the landing without it can't be created.

Date of publication : 14.02.2020
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Topor Ana
Ana Topor
Leader of marketing department. In Studio Webmaster I work since 2015. In marketing, more than 8 years. I read about 100 books per year, I can't imagine my life without sport, I love photography. I like black and white movies. I used to do martial arts. My motto: “Never give up!”, few argue with this :)
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