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Determining the price of a site and what does its pricing influence on

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Websites development — it is one of those IT services, for which it is practically impossible to tell right away the price of creating a site. Prices for website development largely depend on the purpose and complexity of the project, the timing and the qualifications of the contractor. Even contacting different companies you will receive an invoice for payment of services, that will differ significantly. And the point is not so much in the cost of website development, that the contractor takes for his/her work, but in the amount of work included in the specified price. But let’s talk about everything in order.

How much does it cost to create a site? Different types of websites and their price

When looking for information about «how much will it cost to create a website?» you will find out a huge price variation from 100 to 100000€ and more. Let’s figure it out in order. Let’s start by defining the cost by type of web resource.

How much does it cost to create a site? Different types of websites and their price

  • Site business card. It usually consists of a single web page and serves to grab the attention of potential customers. Such resource contains key information about the company (address, contacts), its activity, services/products. If you think that the price of site development is too expensive, then the price of site business card is lower — from 800 €.

  • Online shop. A complete online trading platform that can consist of an almost unlimited number of pages. If the portal is developed by professionals, then it is able to convert up to 85% of visitors into clients. If you are interested in such sites, the prices begin from 1200 €. For this money you get an almost ready turnkey business.

  • Landing page. It is a one-page, but functional web-resource that is inexpensive, and the implementation time is as short as possible. This is a great option for collecting leads, contacts, doing promotions, and accordingly, increasing sales. The landing is “tailored” for search engine optimization, so it quickly brings results. If you have decided to order a site, the price for development in Studio Webmaster company, will please you — from 400 € for a landing page that sells.

  • Corporate website. It is the direct representation of your company in Internet. A distinctive feature of this type of site is that, first of all, it is an image tool that must always correspond to the corporate style of the company and inspire the trust of users, therefore, the site design plays an important role here. Also, a corporate site can participate in the role of an online store as it has all the necessary modules in its functionality: placement of goods/services, online payment. The price of a corporate site begins from 1200 €.

What determines how much it will cost to create a website?

What determines how much it will cost to create a website?

As mentioned above, the price category of the cost of the site is very high and there are reasons for this. Determining the type of site is not enough to determine exactly how much a site is worth, as to determine the exact price, you need to consider the following main factors:

1. Type of Internet resource. One of the most important factors to determine the site’s price. Depending on whether this is a landing page or an online store, the extend of work will be completely different. If you decide to launch your first business on the Internet with a small number of products, then you should take a closer look at the landing page, so you will save a significant part of your budget.

2. Hosting provider. Hosting is where all your website files are stored. There is a huge selection of hosting providers now. What you should pay attention to:

  • When choosing a hosting, you should always proceed from site traffic. For sites with traffic less than 1500-3000 people per day, it is quite enough to purchase a virtual hosting. Its essence lies in the fact that on one server, there are several sites along with yours, and they all share the server’s power among themselves (processor, memory). The cost of this hosting is from 2 to 10 USD.

  • Disk space — the more, the more expensive. For a small site, 1-2 GB is sufficient.

3. Quantity of pages with unique design. This cost factor directly depends on the type of site you choose. The more pages, the more time it will take to develop and implement the design and the more it will cost to create a website. Here is the approximate number of pages for different types of sites:

  • Landing page – 1 page.

  • Site business card — from 3 to 10 pages.

  • Corporate site — from 10 to 50 pages.

  • Online shop — from 50 and more pages.

4. CMS site. This is a control system (set of scripts), the main task of which is to edit and create all the content of the site. Now, on the market of IT industry there is a huge number of CMS with a large mass of implemented functionality, and the abundance of functions is not always justified in practice, as in most cases they simply will not be useful to you. We advise you when choosing to turn to the web studio, since the CMS (engine) of the site is what you will have to work with in the future, and to customize the content management system specifically for your tasks and cut off all unnecessary things, only a professional web studio will be able to do.

5. Implementation of modules. For a more enthusiastic and convenient viewing of your web resource, you can resort to additional implementation of modules on your site. And although, the prices for the development and implementation of modules are quite expensive, let’s take an example of an online store and consider what modules you need in order not to waste your extra budget. What do you need:

  • Connection of the payment system on the site.

  • Online chat.

  • Module «Mailing» (allows you to create a base for mailing to potential customers by mailbox).

  • Module «Site search». Created so that the user can instantly find the product that he/she needs. One of the most popular modules on the internet and very useful.

  • Module «Blog». A great tool in the hands of an experienced user. The blog will help to present information and news from the first person, which, first of all, will positively affect the reputation of the site. With the correct presentation of information in the blog, you can attract new customers, and this can become a source of income.

  • Module «Reviews». Gives the possibility to Internet users to leave comments, suggestions, notes.

6. The amount of prepared and posted content. Yes, of course, you can write and implement content on the site by yourself (guided by the fact that you know more than ''some'' copywriter), but to write a correctly SEO optimized text that not only will be pleasantly readable for users, but will also advance you in top search engines can only a person with a deep understanding of SEO-promotion. This is probably the case when you should fork out and contact a professional SEO copywriter.

7. The number of the language versions of the web resource. It all depends on your audience and the scale of your promotion. If you run your business in one country where a significant part of the population speaks one language, it is worth making only one language version of the site, thereby saving a part of the budget. In the future, you can always add a language version.

8. Urgency of execution (projects “for yesterday” are always more expensive). Everything is simple here, if the project is urgent and you need to do it in a short time, you will have to overpay.

9. The number of specialists involved. A factor that deserves special attention. When creating a website, there are many stages from programming and website design development to SEO specialists. Here you can save some money by contacting a webmaster who can take on almost all the work, but in reality you get a second-hand Internet source and users are unlikely to like it. Advice, if you are developing a large project (online store), then programming, design and promotion should be carried out by different specialists, this will increase the uniqueness of your Internet resource both in the eyes of users and search engines.

What you need to know before specifying prices for website development?

What you need to know before specifying prices for website development?

To request a commercial offer from an IT company and find out how much it costs to create a website, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What goals and objectives will the Internet resource fulfill?

  • What functions will be present on it?

  • How many unique visitors do you want to receive?

  • Do you need an individual design development that will emphasize in a good way the offered products/services?

The more information you can provide to the contractor company for the project, the more accurately it will be able to tell you the price of website development. Contact Studio Webmaster specialists right now and we will advise you on how much your web resource will cost, and also you will receive a profitable commercial offer within 24 hours.