Growth in buying activity: the influence of color palette?

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Designer color scheme

Маркетинг цвета

Как цвет влияет на покупательскую активность?

Психология восприятия цвета в рекламе

Coca Cola advertising company

Interiorul casei

Online store products

Herniated disc

Wedding Palace design

Wedding gown

Medical portal

Software development

Web radio design


Цвет — это самое важное, но это еще не все

О силе слова

Цвет конверсий


Date of publication : 30.07.2019
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Craciun Marina
Marina Craciun
Leader of design department. In Studio Webamster I work since 2011. I am engaged in design development more than 12 years. I like cooking, playing badminton, I love sea. I can differ 51 shades of grey on professional level :)
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